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Contacts Need Multiple Owners

As a real estate brokerage we have many contacts (think lenders, attorneys and various contractors) that are shared among our agents (Users) and thus require an "Unassigned" status for HubSpot owner. That's fine in that everyone can access the contact, but ABSOLUTELY not fine that everyone can see every conversation. These conversations may contain private information.


We need to be able to assign multiple owners to a HubSpot contact and have permission rights flexible by owner. Ideally, even though the Contact is "visible" to multiple Users, each User would only see the conversations that included them. Ultimatley, without an ability to allow multiple users to "own" each contact and then only see their conversations, the value of the tool is significanlty lessened for us.

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To be clear, the problem we have is that we need to isolate the conversations each User has with a Contact that may be either Unassigned or assigned to multiple Users (if that capability existed). We need to keep personal and private information isolated per User on a Contact that may be accessed by many Users.

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A client of ours also needs this! Multiple contact owners for one contact. It would be swell!





Yeah we need something like that too.


The only solution I could find so far is tagging our contact owners in the comments.


But that is just a partial fix 🙂




We have agents who collaborate with owners and/or deals, so it would be good to be able to tag a user similar to how you tag them on a task, but on the actual contact or deal so that they can see all of the interactions and notes regarding same.

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Suprised this hasn't gotten more run.  There's no reason why there shouldn't be multiple contact owners.  You can create a custom field but that's not the same. Please consider. 


Agree, or allow a Team to be selected.

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@brentwhubby totally agree. 


We really could use this feature too!