Contact property - number of email opens (HubSpot Sales)

It would be great if we had a Contact property "Number of Email Opens" that we could filter contacts using it as well as add it as a column in Contacts view. As we have a trigger in the process to call a prospect, even if they are on a sequence, if they open an email 3 times (in which case we could also take them off the sequence, which makes qualification so much faster), the ability to display contacts who hit that number or are close to hitting it (e.g. 2 opens), that would help us a lot in shortening the prospecting cycle a lot thanks to moving the exploratory call to the early stage of the prospecting sequence/sales process. Can you provide that feature in the near future?

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 I completely agree. My CRMs tell you how many times a contact has opened or clicked on an email. This is critical when qualifying a lead and determining their level of engagement. 


Right now there is only:

Recent sales email open date

Recent sales email click date


We also need:

Recent sales email number of opens:

Recent sales email number of clicks:

Total number of sales emails sent:

Total number of sales email opens:

Total number of sales email replies:

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This is a huge issue and I don't understand why it is not available. The platform is already tracking email opens for each contact but I don't understand why this can't be used on the sales side of the platform. 

Surely one of the best way to identify how interested a potential (MQL) customer is from how many times they open your emails once you start engaging with them on the sales side of the equation.


What Hubspot needs to do is have the ability to track number of email opens for say a sales sent email,  "template" and most importantly "sequence".

Then we should be able to create a smart list or workflow using this contact property to come up with a list of your most engaged prospects who are going to be the most receptive.

They might have progressed through a 3 email sequence but opened the last email 15 times without replying. At the moment the only info the sales platform shows is their stage in the sequence and whether they have completed it. To find out that the prospect actually opened the email 15 times you have to manually work your way the entire list of people in the sequence and click on each contact inturn.


PLEASE  PLEASE PLEASE allow the collection of sales platform emails, templates and sequences and allow the number of opens for each to be used in the creation of smart lists at a minimum but also workflow.. This really is an urgent requirement for me as it is taken forever to figure out who is opening the emails from the sales platform the most.

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I agree, this is a basic need that needs to get updated ASAP...

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Bump and second all the comments from above.


I already see the number of opens when I click on the contact. Why can't I use this in workflows or reports or filters?

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Moving this comment up. We would like to see data around each person who interacts with a specific piece of content in report form-lead scoring does not even add up the number of times they open. The top engaged contacts feature is helpful but limits the number of contacts. Please help. 

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I agree that this feature would be EXTREMELY helpful - when sending thousands of emails per week it would be nice to sort by the people that are opening said emails the most. Additionally it would be really helpful to be able to put a date window on when the opens are measured within. I know it can be done with Marketing emails, so it would be nice to see the same with Sales emails.

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100% agree... this is critical to sorting through leads. 

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Omg, it's 2020 alreadyyyy! Is this feature coming up?! Anyone from HubSpot could reply on a possible next step?!

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We would really like to see this feature as well. It would help our sales team to prioritise contacts easily and provide more visibility.

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I forwarded this to the support team and asked they respond to this, hopefully they acknowledge the demand for this function! Smiley Happy

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Please we really need this !


I agree! We need this feature.

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This is a big need that we are missing right now. 

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We really need this feature, too. Please strongly consider adding this!

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This would be super helpful for our team and help with prioritsing follow ups.  Plese consider adding this feature asap. 


Yes, we rerally need this feature!!!

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Our company has an immense need for this feature as well. Currently, our team is manually counting email opens to determine the level of engagement. We're working around it by building some automation to determine engagement, but this property would make a world of difference. 

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Agreed, so annoying this doesn't exist yet, so painful making a static list from clicking and creating all these tabs from contacts and then moving them to static list(membership) all from the performance page of the marketing email.


What a pain point

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Looking to do the same thing as # of Marketing Emails Opened, while available, is not as indicative imo, as an act of direct interest as someone who has opened a direct sales email, which would also include them forwarding email to colleagues etc. Currently scrolling through Activity feed to find these high interest contacts is not very efficient when playing #'s game. I would suggest enhancing the activity feed filter capabilities.