Contact property / active List for Document link views


Identifying when and what contacts have viewed a specific file using the 'Documents' tool.



I have started to experiment using the 'Documents' tool as an alternative to uploading 'Files' and directing contacts to the unique file URL. Using the 'File' method in the past I have been able to create an active list of contacts who have viewed the file URL, which can then be used for reporting and to automate processes with workflows.

I have tried the same method with Document URLs but the list shows zero contacts, even though I am certain there are >0 contacts that have viewed the document (as seen in the document tool reporting). I also can't find any default HubSpot properties that are tracking if and when a document is viewed. HubSpot generates automated document view notifications and reporting in the Documents tool but I can't seem to access this data from a user's perspective.

Product request
Provide the user with access to the Document view data via a contact property. ie. What document they viewed, date/time they viewed it, number of times viewed, and if possible, if they shared the document with others.

An example use case of this would be:
I send a contact a sales deck as a 'Document', if the contact doesn't view the document within 7 days I want to send a follow up email. If the contact does open the docment I want one of our team members to receive a notification and create a task to call them in 10 minutes. From a reporting perspective I can then create an active list of contacts I have sent a document, if and when they viewed it and if they are progressing through the sales cycle.

If there is an existing way to do this, please let me know.

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