Contact properties for Conversations


We need a way to segment a list based on Messages data. E.g. whether a contact has engaged in any messages.  

It would probably also make sense to include something like "last Messages date"

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Our inside sales team is often moving around our office! They have requested text message alerts when a new chat is opened on Messages.I would also like to use Messages for lead scoring in the future, so it would be great to have a contact record property for new Messages from identified contacts for workflow purposes.


this is so obviously necessary that it's absurd it wasn't built before. Of course the users who click to message are further down the pipeline and deserve to be identified.

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 We're currently working on better segmentation and reporting for Messages.


This is greatly needed. Web chat is one of the biggest and best converters on our website and needs to be attributed to in reports. Not sure of the best way to do this but ideally we could see this in our sources report. The lack of insights we can get from a great tool is a little annoying. I'm sure there's a long list of requests for messages as it is new. Once the obvious ones are tackled, the tool will be a beast Smiley Happy


Yes, I totally agree! I would like to attribute custom hubscore points to users who chat, and I would like to count sales messages as a sales activity.  It would be great to build a list and use 'sales messages' property in a workflow.  Thanks for posting.  I hope we get some development love.  

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