Contact personalization token inserts several deal names based on property


We have a SaaS app that integrates with another site in order to function. That integration needs refreshing periodically, so we need to send a reminder to our contacts to refresh it when it expires.


Many of our contacts have multiple deals (which map to "stores" in our SaaS app), sometimes 200+, and those deals will need refreshing potentially at different times. I'd like to set up a contact-based workflow to send email reminders to refresh the integration. But I need to include the name of the specific deal or deals that need to be refreshed at this time within that email.


To do that, I think I would need a personalization token that 1) pulls in the name(s) of associated deal(s), which is not currently possible (i.e. you cannot use deal properties unless you are going to use the email on a deal based workflow), and 2) doesn't pull in the names of ALL associated deals, but rather only the deals that have a certain property (basically the property that we use to mean "needs its integration refreshed").


The final email I want to send would look something like this:


Hi Customer,


Your connection to [integration site] for the store(s) [deal(s)] below has expired or been removed:

  • [list of deal
  • or deals
  • that need refreshing]

To continue using [our app], please log in and click [blah blah steps to refresh].


If we had this feature, it would also solve my other problem listed here because it would allow me to just make a contact-based workflow instead of a deal-based one.