Contact owner different to company owner


You have a standard setting to automatically set contact owners fro their company owner, but not to do the reverse unless the company owner field is blank. We need the opposite setting to be available, ie. to only set the contact owner from the company owner IF that field is blank.

This is requires because of how we do lead assignment for different campaigns, such that a company can be owned by one rep but we need a specific contact to be owned by a different rep. I can assign them easily by file imports from a campaign, but have to turn off the company to contact owner setting in order to keep a different owner for one specific contact.

Make sense? Seems like a simple setting to add, since you already do the reverse...

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We keep the default setting switched off and then have a seperate workflow to assign the Company Owner to Contacts only when the Contact Owner is blank.

Agree though that a set of 3 options for the setting could work well. Off | On | On-Blank-Contact-Owner