Contact or Company Tags?

Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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+1, we are testing this CRM and this is an important requirement

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Having this functionality would be a huge benefit in my opinion. There are many other systems out there that have the ability to tag for contacts and companies and I find it provides a lot more flexibility for segmenting and reporting


I'm new to this community, but want to vote to have tags. This is an important feature I need. How do I vote?


Thanks, Alyssa

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Absolutely 100% agree.  The addition of tagging would be a massive help.   It is the only reason for us using a competitor.  Other than that, it's a great CRM.  Love the HubSpot logo too.



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Please create tags!!! 


A tag need not be pre-configured in the Properties settings. This allows a flexible use of adding categories. 


For instance, I want to add "Sales Geo". Since there are many, I do not want to create the whole list.


I feel like Hubspot is sort of dodging on this one, honestly. I think the feature-set of Tags is pretty universal, so it seems odd to ask us to define this for you! 

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If you'd like a bit of irony, search for tags in Hubspot help:


Not only are there lots of examples of how useful tags are, including on Hubspot customer sites, the knowledge base itself uses tags.


Time for Hubspot to add tags to Contacts and Compamies. Tags cannot be reproduced by workarounds.

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I'm trialling the software now - but I'm assuming as this feature request is over 2 year's old that this is not something that Hubspot are planning to implement?

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This request is coming up so frequently in this forum that I'm now changing my email settings so I can stop getting "+1" emails.


Very thankful that my job is no longer dependent on HubSpot!

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YES! Please tags. It is the one missing feature that is holding us back from using HubSpot.

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Complete agree that HubSpot CRM must support tag not only for contacts, companies but also deals and blog post.


Please make it happens as soon as possible,