Contact or Company Tags?


Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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May 21, 2020

@lizzie_p  @dtwuensch  Thank you for the quick replies here. We do think that, at this stage, "multiple checkbox" custom properties provide much of the same value. Certainly, there are places where they don't entirely fit the bill. And, it's not totally out of the question that we build tags some day. However, as of now, there are more pressing customer issues that our team needs to focus on to deliver the highest quality overall product. 

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
May 21, 2020

Status updated to: Idea Submitted
May 21, 2020

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product.

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities and roadmap to deliver as much value to our customers as possible. At this time, adding tags is not something our team is currently planning to build natively into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future and we will update this idea if that becomes the case.

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What I've done is create a field with drop-down options instead of using tags. It's not as easy, but it does the job.  I can always include additional items in the drop-down field - so it can grow.  I hope that helps.


Yes, please. 


We need to use style tags for each company profile to be able to search if a lead asks us if we've done particular types of work before. If we could tag each project with a #lowlight or #rustic it would be a huge help. 


Thanks so much. I hope we can get this going soon Hubspot. 


+1, we are testing this CRM and this is an important requirement


Deal Tags are a must. Please add this feature soon.  


Having this functionality would be a huge benefit in my opinion. There are many other systems out there that have the ability to tag for contacts and companies and I find it provides a lot more flexibility for segmenting and reporting


I'm new to this community, but want to vote to have tags. This is an important feature I need. How do I vote?


Thanks, Alyssa


Tagging of records in CRM's has been around for over 30 years.

I used Telemagic 25 years ago and that system had tags....

By not offereing tags, HubSpot is making it more cumbersome to accomplish simple tasks than necessary.

It is much easier to tag a handful of records that to have to create a new field and then mark that field yes/no.

Tagging capability should be a top priority project for HubSpot as very essential to many users


I'm the original poster for this request, and I'd like to say that it's embarassing that it's been sitting here for 15 months with no progress towards a soluton.  HubSpot is just as bad as Google. They get people to put in critical business information that they can mine for relationships and statistics that they can sell to others as "market intelligence."


They do not care about fixing problems, they care about forcing people to use Chrome so they can leverage the insecurities that that browser offers. They won't add features likes tags or multiple contact email because there is no incentive.


We've decided to abandon our HubSpot account and switched to using whiteboard because we know we can always add additional features to our handwriting, and it's much more secure.


Absolutely 100% agree.  The addition of tagging would be a massive help.   It is the only reason for us using a competitor.  Other than that, it's a great CRM.  Love the HubSpot logo too.




Please create tags!!! 


A tag need not be pre-configured in the Properties settings. This allows a flexible use of adding categories. 


For instance, I want to add "Sales Geo". Since there are many, I do not want to create the whole list.


I feel like Hubspot is sort of dodging on this one, honestly. I think the feature-set of Tags is pretty universal, so it seems odd to ask us to define this for you! 


If you'd like a bit of irony, search for tags in Hubspot help:


Not only are there lots of examples of how useful tags are, including on Hubspot customer sites, the knowledge base itself uses tags.


Time for Hubspot to add tags to Contacts and Compamies. Tags cannot be reproduced by workarounds.


I'm trialling the software now - but I'm assuming as this feature request is over 2 year's old that this is not something that Hubspot are planning to implement?


This request is coming up so frequently in this forum that I'm now changing my email settings so I can stop getting "+1" emails.


Very thankful that my job is no longer dependent on HubSpot!


YES! Please tags. It is the one missing feature that is holding us back from using HubSpot.


This idea has been presented many times, especially in 2018, but it never seemed to make it into the product (that I am aware of) even though there is always a lot of support for such a feature.


As a reminder, this is referring to the ability to select or create a tag for a deal, company or contact, which can later be used for sorting, categorising, and identifying specific entries.

For example, using # in a field could recognise the tag, or have a dedicated field in the viewing pane that shows and allows the addition and selection of tags.


This is not talking about custom property field. This needs to be something dynamic and in line with many other CRM and collaboration platforms out there.


Complete agree that HubSpot CRM must support tag not only for contacts, companies but also deals and blog post.


Please make it happens as soon as possible,


Hi everyone,


I really can't believe that the HubSpot community is urgently calling for as simple "tags" feature for over 2,5 years now and there isn't a proper solution for this use case today.


Please, please, dear HubSpot dev team, put this request on top of your feature list. It's not that difficult to implement but gives us a huge boost in productivity with your great software.


Best regards



Hello everyone,


I am adding my voice to the Tag feature request.

We have just imported thousands of Companies with their Contacts, and I was surprised that I won't be able to apply a tag when logging a call or email so that I can get a report later on that will bring me a list with all the tagged contacts.


Honestly, guys, a tagging functionality will bring a whole lot of value to all of our teams -- starting from Sales, to Service, Marketing and even Product. 





Just following-up. 

No matter who I spoke to, the HubSpot staff seem to think their "custom properties" is what we are all calling "tags"....There's no convincing them that this is NOT what we are talking about with tagging.  Their custom properties feature is a horrendous experience. 


I'm also of the belief that they don't quite understand how much business they will take from other competitors if they rolled this feature in properly..but what do I know?


We are no longer considering HubSpot.  Wish the rest of you good luck.


This seems to be a feature in all other CRMs that are not nearly as robust. It's shocking that Hubspot doesn't have this because it's incredibly useful.