Contact or Company Tags?

Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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I agree 100%.  One of the key things I would like is a way to identify the principal contact at a company. Prospects get moved around and since there are multiple contacts tied to a single company, having a way to identify the main players/decision maker quickly would save time in trying to reconnect when someone new takes over.

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I am new to SalesForce and HubSpot and am already seeing shortcomings in the platform from a record segmentation standpoint.  I have used other small business CRM's that utilize Tagging almost like a #Hashtag is used on social channels.  The idea is to give users the freedom to mark leads and contacts in a way that allows for quick targeting and segmented list builds.  This would be a powerful tool that doesn't seem like it would be that hard to implement.  

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I am also evaluating Hubspot right now, and would like to see tags implemented. I am pretty sure the closest comparable feature is static lists, which can function like tags, at least for contacts. I have used marketing automation tools that use both methods, lists and tags, and agree that tags are more useful.


Lists feels more 90s/database and tags feels more social/current.

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Any updates on tags functionality? 


Couldn't agree more. Tags are one of the most fundamental features of a marketing automation platform so it's pretty mind-blowing that HubSpot does not offer this. Hubspot, please listen to your users and add a tagging feature! 

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I agree...please add tagging feature

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We use ACT but without the ability to create groups or tags we cannot possibly move across to Hubspot which is a real shame because its a great piece of software in every other respect.

Please get Tags working on Hubspot!!


I don't think a custom property is really a solution to tags. It would be great if proper tagging could be implemented.

Replies that suggest custom fields fundamentally midunderstand the nature of tags, their usefulness and how they are used.

Please add tags HubSpot, browsing this forum for 5 minutes clearly shows multiple requests for this feature dating back well over a year. Many of your competitors support this basic feature, it would be great if you chose to implement it.

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Its definitely imperfect and won't allow you to "search tags" or have them auto suggest as you type (which is annoying). However, the best workaround I've found so far is to simply use a multi-line text (you can use single-line as well but multi-line is nicer visually in my opinion). I used a simple example to prove to myself it works.


1. Create a custom property called tags and choose the field type to be "multi-line text"


2. Open up contact #1 and type the following in your Tags custom field:





3. Open up contact #2 and type the following in your Tags field:




Now you go back to the contacts main page and choose filter and search for your "Tags" field. The important difference is that unlike the "multiple checkboxes field", the "multi-line text" field type has a filter option of "contains exactly". You can then type "red blue" and you will see both contact #1 and contact #2 in the filter results. If you add "green" to the list you will only be left with contact #1 in the filter results. It seems to work regardless of word order, capitalization, and whether or not you use commas.


Again, pretty imperfect but it works. You have no idea what anyone else tagged any other clients, but if you can all agree on a general set of tags you can mostly make it work. I actually got a little desperate and took it a bit further by creating an actual contact called "Tag Options". Inside that contact, in a note I listed out all (most) of the tags the team was using.  You can (at mention) @ccds11 @sleeperservice @Grovesales @dtwuensch @Taylan your other team members so they know about the contact. Then as everyone uses more tags they can search for the contact name "Tag Options" and then edit the note inside it. As you keep doing it you'll actually find you refine it down to a shorter list of tags that everyone knows and can agree on.




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A year and a half later and we don't even know if this is in HubSpot's development pipeline? I just assumed this CRM would have Tags, as they are a basic staple of any platform where you might need to arbitrarily label something without pre-configuration. I'm very confused about how HubSpot doesn't see the value of this, and considers a pre-defined custom multi-check field to be even closely relevant to what we're looking for.


Is there any update on the status of this request?