Contact or Company Tags?

Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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Another vote for tagging from me. I've been investigating and testing various CRMs recently, an exhausting, boring and time sucking process. On trying to import contacts from another CRM, I now realise I'll lose a lot of valuable context in the shape of a variety of tags added to contacts. We use this to search, filter and group together by tags to send targetted emails.

Context: We're a micro-startup, a few hundred contacts only at present, and never likely to be huge. We're a small consultancy selling services rather than physical goods. Many of the features of most CRMs are unecessary and even a hindrance for us, and they often feel overwhelmingly complex for our needs. Still there's a lot to like about Hubspot, sufficient to be willing to put some effort in.

We would often add tags like 'Training course Apr 17', 'facilitator', 'area of expertise / interest X/Y/Z', 'region', 'XXX conference Jul 16', 'friendly to our biz'.... and so on and on and on.

Extremely useful, and I'm also very surprised such a basic and common feature isn't included. I'd love to see it added!

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Hey @BrettLanguirand,


Just checking in. There's been a lot of traction about the Contact or Company tags idea since your response to @ccds11 in March. Can you let us all know if Hubspot has plans to address this request?


Many thanks!


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This sounds much like campaigns in Salesforce, where you can create campaigns for anything under the sun (e.g. Saturday picnic, board members, advisory committee, bocce players) and add contacts to one or many. Then you report on, mass email, or whatever to your groups of campaign members.

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Hi All, 


Thanks for your continued discussion on this thread. I think this would be a great post to share with our ideas forum, but I'm still unclear on how the tags are entirely different from contact/company properties. For example, you could use a single-line text field in a form and a contact could fill in whatever industry they like, then you'd still be able to use that value to filter in lists and views. You can send emails, enroll workflows and do some reporting using these features. I'd love some more insight into how the tags would differ. 

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I'd like everyone to have the freedom to put a mark on arbitrary contacts, regardless


1) if they have permissions/roles to do anything serious or potentially destructive with the HubSpot data (in other words it's safe for anyone to use)

2) which lists the contact appears in or who the hubspot owner is

3) if other colleagues in the company use the same tag names or not


It's our ability to empower everyone in our organization to track arbitrary contacts for specialized follow up, without empowering them to accidentally destroy data, or pollute the listings with irrelevant entries for others.

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One significant difference is typically that the tag taxonomy is not centrally defined, but tags are agile and up to the end user. There is no configuration of properties, but simply when an account manager sees the need for tagging a record with e.g. "ERP" and "Priority" he simply writes "erp, priority" in a tag field.

The account manager can then use the tags for filtering or whatever need they have. It is fast, flexible and does not need preconfiguration. If the needs change the user can adopt it instantly. There could be thousands of tags.

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Agreed, tags are what I'm looking for. In my case, I would like to tag some prospective companies as "strategic partners". The easiest way I can think of is to slap a tag on them... except I can't.

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Hi Nicole,
This is a key feature we use in our current CRM's and is definitely a deal-breaker for us.
I love the features and opportunities that Hubspot provides, but without tags we will not be able to use our database effectively and efficiently.

Here's an example of how it works in Capsule CRM

Essentially a tag should be
- easy to enter
- not something that you will duplicated through human error easily eg. if you are entering a tag name (even a new tag) it should autmotically search and suggest existing tags - so that you created relevant required tags but NOT duplicates (super important when you have a team of people working on something)
- searchable

Your solution of "For example, you could use a single-line text field in a form and a contact could fill in whatever industry they like, then you'd still be able to use that value to filter in lists and views." isn't useful because
- it doesn't search entries that might have already been created (eg. if you have 'Circus Performer' as a tag, but someone has already created 'Acrobat Artist' there's no way to see that this might have already been entered) so you end up with lots of similar but not unified tags
- there are unlimited options rather than funneling the tags into preferred lists (eg. human error)
- it's time consuming to add separate property boxes for people to tick as a work-around for this, and completely counterintuitive when you just want to 'tag' a contact as you're dealing with it.

I'm more than happy to talk about this further

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Hi @Bonnie, thanks so much for all of the detail here. This really helps provide some great context. I'm going to reach out to a few of my colleagues here, and depending on the feedback I get I think this would be a great contribution to our Ideas Forum. I'll give you an update when I have some more information to share with you all. 

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Thanks @nicolebrenner! I think all the folks on this thread will be so happy to hear back from Hubspot about this! Thank you for considering our requests and ideas!