Contact or Company Tags?

Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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Hey @ccds11,

Would you be able to provide some more context around the types of tags that you are referring to?  There isn't really a "tag" feature in Hubspot, but using custom contact and company properties, you might be able to accomplish what you're looking for.  


For example, you could create a custom multi-checkbox property called something like "Tags" and have the potential values be "Tag 1", "Tag 2", "Tag 3", etc. Both contacts and companies would need to have a respective property set up, and the two properties wouldn't be able to communicate with one another.  If you think this would work for you, here are instructions on how to create a custom contact property.  




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Hey @BrettLanguirand,


I believe that @ccds11 is describing a "tag" feature that is different than the solution you proposed of selecting pre-defined values from a multi-checkbox property to assign a "Tag 1" or "Tag 2", etc to a company or contact. 


The other "tagging" feature is a fast and efficient way to label and group contacts, companies, deals, etc. With this kind of "tag" feature, tags are user-defined. Anyone can create custom tags that are applicable to them and their business. Tags would be shared between all the users of the team in a multi-user account. There could be hundreds of Tags that are associated with all kinds of things. For example, cities could be tags, or employees within your firm could be tags, or project names, or plant species used on garden projects (I'm a landscape architect). Using tags this way is a user-friendly, quick, flexible, and familiar way to organize and access important data in your CRM.


Hubspot currently allows you to add "Filters" to properties as a way to work with contacts and companies in the CRM. However, I believe Filters are less flexible, less user-friendly, and slower than Tags. 


Here is a short list of other CRMs I believe are using "Tags" in this way:











Personally, I would really appreciate if Hubspot added the Tag idea to its feature development list! I think Tags would be greatly received by your existing and future clients. 



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I agree, tags should definitly be implemented. 


Using multi-checkbox is NOT the solution. When you go and edit multiple contacts with various different 'tags/check boxes', you override their existing categories when you want to add a new one.


Tags are faster and more flexible without a doubt.


Ross Kelly

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Thank you for your advice. You are correct in that if you were to create a work around, your solution would be optimal. At the same time @monicaway is describing what I was looking for. 


Either way, Hubspot has been great for my business as it is!


Thank you for all of the insight. 




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Tags should definitely be implemented. This is exactly what we currently look for.


We would like to tag contacts and customers with what type of products of ours they are interested in. Say, I can tag a company with "VSD" and I can list all companies that are interested in our VSDs. I can send a mail to all VSD customers. Etc.


Also, I would like to tag the existing systems they have received from us. This way sales persons can see who has what systems and better analyse what to reccommend, how to respond to queries, selling upgrades and so on.


Tags can be used for filtering, newsletters, automation and many other features.

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It is VERY dissapointing that they don't use tags. Probably the ONLY CRM I have seen that doesn't have such a basic, useful and essential feature.


Product development need to sort it out!

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Tags is a simple yet powerful feature that would eliminate the need for a lot of the feature requests here.


If tags were implemented:

  1. We can filter contacts or companies by tags.
  2. We can send emails to contacts with tags
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yes, different users in my organization will look at contacts from different perspectives and need to be able to mark contacts in ways that make sense to them. 

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Please Hubspot, add tags or inform us of a more effective and efficient way to segement. It would be aweosme as there are many great features in this software but this is something I would need to go to another company for. I just can't get what I need out of filters and segmenting in this simple manner is such a time saving function that makes it worth shifting to a platform that has it.  

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Yes to this!