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Contact or Company Tags?

Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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Adding to the chorus. Having tags would be immensely helpful for sorting Contacts. Creating too many custom properties gets cumbersome and confusing, and they don't translate well between Contacts and Companies. Other CRM systems offer this; we're considering switching to a platform that offers this. Please consider creating an update. 


The need for users to be able to create multiple tags on contacts and companies on the fly really isn't just nice to have... it's a necessity.  There are 1001+ different reasons for it, and it would help users find what they are looking for quickly.  An example would be that I'm talking to a prospect and learn they are attending a tradeshow that I'm also attending, so I would tag them something like "ABC Tradeshow 2021"... and when the time comes for me to dig up that tag, I might have tagged 20 others with the same. But there could be multiple tags on any contact and they would NOT be just pulled from a pre-defined list but created by users on the fly.  So custom dropdowns on objects wouldn't work well for this use as was suggested to me as a workaround.  Would LOVE to see you prioritize and build this.

I agree with you ML-TroyW.

I have just moved over to HS from ActiveCampaign where tags are fundamental to list creation and easy segmentation. We had just a few lists, and all campaigns were sent dynamically using tags. Already in HS we have over 100 lists which is slightly frying my brain. 


I can imagine that.


After some painful discovery, I came up with an approach that is not perfect - but it works.


1) I have a field called "Workflow trigger" and the idea is that you can insert any value in that field and that will trigger automations. At the end of the automation you clear the value from the field, making it possible to store another value in there and trigger other workflows.

2) I use this field to append values to a "multiple choice" field. So for example, I have a list of campaigs and events in one multiple choice property. And then when a person downloads "Report A" i trigger a workflow that appends "Report A" into the field. 


The end result behaves very much like tagging, but is obviously more cumbersome to work with and to modify. But when I built it once, it works in practice and its easy to expand as all of my workflow triggers are stored in one workflow.


We are converting from AGILE CRM to Hubspot and I find not having TAGS to be a disadvantage as I need a way to simply filter contacts - using the list system seems very clunky.


Hey @Myonlinesafety, I have a solution! It's called HubTags.

Give us a try, here is a link with more details: HubTags 

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I really loved using tags in Zoho. Wish hubspot had the feature.

Yes, technically, you can get similar from creating properties, but it's not nearly as easy when you are in a list and just creat a tag on the fly to apply to all of the list. We used them to quickly mark a list of people that attended a trade show, with a tag like "INBOUND 2017". You could easily search everyone with the tag, add the tag to anyone from lists or profiles, etc.


It puzzles me how this has not been resolved or put at the roadmap after two years of requests in different posts.


We implemented hubspot at two ventures fully trusting we had chosen a best in market solution. Instead, teams have to make inefficient workarounds to make up for a rather basic feature to quickly label campaigns / contacts for later reference.


In both ventures, our enterprise licences are ending soon, and at this point we will migrate to an alternative. 


It's ironic and kind of galling, that this HubSpot blog article refers to tagging despite it not being a feature on HubSpot:


I have been working on a solution, it's called: HubTags

Here is a video demonstrating our latest updates: Video

-Tag contacts & companies.
-Create, edit, and delete tags on the fly. You can do this right from a individual contact page
-Filter contacts & companies using tags AND hubspot properties. You can use one, both, or mix them when running a filter.
-Use 'OR' between properties when running a filter.
--Native HubSpot filter only works like this:
--Show me contacts with Property1 AND Property2
--HubTags works like this:
--Show me contacts with Property1 AND/OR Property2

HubTags (1).png





































Guy Taylor |


That looks pretty impressive. It's a shame it's not something HubSpot have produced themselves.


@GuyTaylor Did you ever know that you're my hero? (via bette middler)


Hubtags is amazing


@ARollins6 haha! Thank you so much. 


I ran into this today as trying out CRMs... not having 'tags' as a built in function is like selling a car without a steering wheel!  I couldn't pay for Hubspot unless it has a 'normal' intuitive tag function like other CRMs.  What's amazing is that Hibspot is such an established ocmpany, yet doesnt have them already implemented.


5 years later and Hubspot still does not support tags. What a shame!

To work efficiently in Marketing you need Tags, like in Close, ActiveCampaign and most good CRMs. Unfortunately Hubspot does not support native Tags. A regular custom field does not do the job and Tags are too important for external software.

Feature Request:

Implement native Tags into Hubspot.
Tags should be added and not deleted or overridden


With real Tags, it is easy to label contacts (or other entities) and easily filter contacts based on tags.
New Tags should be created super fast and not in the admin panel.

Furthermore it is relevant, that Tags should always be ADDED and not deleted by merging contacts or enriching contacts.
Unfortunately most of the time Hubspot does not import Tags at all or does delete and override existing Tags by merging or importing contacts, but what is really needed is, that Tags are ADDED next to previously existing Tags.



I can't believe Hubspot still doesn't support tags. When I worked with Hubspot for the first time, about 4 years ago, I already raised this. Along with heaps of others. Still, people are waiting. Meanwhile, Hubspot seems to turn into a convoluted Salesforce 2.0, where it needs other companies to sell in their features where Hubspot leaves a void. That's a shame for a small companies needing just basic CRM features. I guess I will chose Capsule for my latest business venture as well then. (P.S.: I'm not saying Hubspot doesn't have great features and delivers a lot of value otherwise, it comes down to needs and preferences I guess).


Any update on whether the team will be looking into this feature? This honestly might be a deciding factor for me.


I agree that this feature is needed. We would like HubSpot to serve as a product catalog in which we can identify when a contact has requested a product, or when a change is made to the product we can easily tag it.