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Contact or Company Tags?

Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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Hi @LaMa 


Thank you for reaching out. 


At this stage the solution provided by @Phil_Vallender is still relevant and tagging the way you want to is not available, I'd recommend upvoting and subscribing to this Idea so you can receive a notification if the status of the idea changes in the future.


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ouch. I have to lookup with salesforce before it's too late and I'm with hubspot. tags are important


Hi @mkornevs, are you open to trying HubTags

If something doesn't work or if we are missing a feature I'm happy to hear it.



Not quite the same use case, but our team would love to have the option to tag tickets - ideally with sub tags. We have dozens of tag types for our customer support tickets and using custom properties to create categories is a decent fix for now but the number of needed categories is overwhelming and will become unmanageable as we grow. Would love tags and sub tags!

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Correct me if I am wrong, but if a contact already has checkboxes selected, you cannot select a new checkbox in the field in a mass edit. It will overwrite the other checkboxes and leave the contact with one box checked. This is the same behavior for text fields, rather than adding to the text that's there, it is replaced. The benefit of tags is that they are not replaced but added to - or at least I think that's why you should consider them. At this point, I have to create new custom fields for any and every type of grouping or a list. It creates a lot of clutter. It would be much simpler to tag and then sort/create a segment by an exact match tag.


Seriously? No tags?  I switched from Copper to Hubspot because of the many features Hubspot had.... only to I realize that not having tags is s HUGE problem. How has this not been added yet? I'm sorry but anyone who says that properties is the same is just wrong. Especially when it take 3 menu systems just to figure out how to create them!!  Trying to organize different sets of clients, companies etc using properties literally takes a huge chunk of time when I should just be able to add the tags I want instantly and filter them quickly.  "C'mon man!" (via Biden) 




This... For all the features hubspot has, they sure make it NOT user friendly at all.  Setting up fields and properties in a pipeline is a nightmare. It bothers me that something this robust hasn't asked it's customers for feedback on it's usability. Example: When synced with my email and using an extension, if I open up a clients email they appear in the side panel of an extension (great!)... then if I try to look up or click on their company info in the sidepanel it ends up opening up another page and takes me to hubspot (not great). I just want to be able to see everything in the side panel.. why is this not standard when most other CRM's do it?  Also, I'm still having to save every. single. time. I. do. any. edit.  No auto-save feature? big L on that one. 


Hi @ARollins6, I feel your pain on this one.

I'm working on a HubSpot tagging system: HubTags. It's basic at the moment but it does get the job done. I would happily have you as a beta user if you are interested.

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The advantages of using tags over alternative options in HubSpot is their speed, flexibility and customization. It is very quick to add a tag, it doesn't require planning future use, it is responsive to an immediate need that maybe will never exist again and causes less clutter than a one-time list or other type of field. HubSpot knows this. They don't need me to tell them. HubSpots competitors know this and have implemented it with great success and to great customer satisfaction. The price of HubSpot definitely warrants this development and keeping up with the market and user needs and preferences. So why is this not a priority for HubSpot?


Ironic that tags are utilized on the HubSpot Community site however.


I think I do have a near-solution to this issue.


  • I did add a Custom Field to both Contacts and Companies called "Tags".
  • I populated that single field for each given Contact with any of the schools we had spoked at over the past 5 years (basically, the tag looked like "2018 - Denver")
  • As everyone already knows, the Search box in Contacts does not search that column, and with multiple tags, you really can't sort it either.


  • I went into Lists (bottom of stack below Companies and Contacts).
  • I created a list called "School Attendees"
  • I set it up as an Active List so it would keep capturing updates
  • I selected Contact Properties and chose the custom "Tags" field from the list of all available Contact fields
  • And then for the query I chose "Contains Any Of" and picked 2 of the school tags I had entered into that custom Tags field on Contact records (e.g. "2018 - Denver")
  • Then I hit "Save" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Since it is Active and dynamically looking for updates, it took a little while to build (20 seconds?  not instantaneous)

Voila - there it was - I had effectively built an active filter list for Tags.

  • I set up a different list for Companies to ensure I could do the same thing - which it did to some degree - but as someone else pointed out, you can't see the Contact tags for the Associated Company (nor is Associated Company sortable even if it is on the list).

So, while this isn't exactly what I wanted, it is a LOT closer to having the ability to use Tags in some rudimentary way... and I didn't have to burn up the very limited "10 Custom fields" allowable.


I hope this helps any of you who have posted above.

But let me say that while I'm happy I have this capability, I too want to see TAGS capability added to Companies and Contacts so I don't have to go through this process.




I agree it would be nice to @mention other contacts from within notes or comments and toggle between related entities other than by company:  Most of my business is referrals and I'd like to somehow link those contactscontacts


While I still manage some HubSpot accounts, I gave up waiting for tags in HubSpot and added them to an in-house CRM — in one morning. They are literally the most useful tool in the CRM.


Come on HubSpot, it's not that hard!


Moving from Contactually to HubSpot to get a more complete solution, and we use Tags all the time there.


It allows real simple filtering for Email Lists, so that you can tag people with Newsletter for example, and then generate an email list based on that Tag.


If we can't do this, we will have to continue to use Contactually for Email Sends, and use HubSpot for everything else, which is a shame we can't move entirely.


In terms of mass importing filtering, I don't think the multiple checkboxes really work, personally, because it can't auto tag by campaign or sector without advanced workflows. 


Yes. This is an absolute must have. Every cheap CRM and marketing automation platform in the world support tags and it's one of the most efficient ways of managing and segementing data. It is completely beyond my comprehension that it does not exist after years in the market.


I agree Hubspot needs tags. Currently using the custom properties causes a number of issues:

  1. It is slow and clubersome to set-up, maintain and sort
  2. Updating more than one contact at a (e.g. for multi-select check list) requires implentation of workflows
  3. If you edit a custom field with mult-select for example it does not appended the data and can therefore wipe important information from the fields
  4. All the custom fields we require, clog up the appearannce of the contact properties and therefore make it visual stressful for colleagues to keep the data update

It is such a shame as this approach is not only used by other CRMs and it would be an incredible assest to the Hubspot feature list.


A halfway house could be a custom fields that only lets you append and remove items rather than outright replace. It would not be an ideal solution but it would be better than we currently have. 


Please, please, please can we have something done about this.


Let me explain why a tag is vital vs custom properties.


I'm building an integration with HubSpot. I have code that creates a Contact and I want a way to transfer custom properties on my system over to the HubSpot contact. As things stand, I can create custom properties but I have no way to enforce that they exist on HubSpot and if they don't, contact creation fails completely. This would be so easy if there were a property, present on all types called "tags" which allows a list of string values.

It is a great point MJaggard. We have the same issue and have to spend time
manually updating properties before any syncing which is time consuming and
has the issue of failing as you outline.