Contact or Company Tags?


Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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I need Tags to sort my contacts:
on the events they visited (customer day date yymmdd)

on a specific campaign that I'd like to engage them in

a service / solution that my company offers

Second best:

add extra fields in Contact properties if implementing tags takes longer.


We definitely need to be able to sort our contacts more detailed, to keep our mails relevant.


Thank you for added it soon.


WARNING. A "Multiple checkbox" property is not a tag field and treating is as such can lead to data loss.


Someone suggested that a Multiple Checkbox property could be used for tags. While there are basic limitations such as having to pre-define the values, such a property can be used somewhat like tags. But watch out!


If you import into a Multiple Checkbox field you will delete any existing values that are not in the import.


For example, let's say a Contact has the existing values of "Test A" and "Test B". If you then import "Test C", you end up with only "Test C" for a value. The only way to make sure you don't blow out existing values is export the existing data, massage it, and then import. 


To say the least, that is not the same type of behavior you'd expect with a Tags field.

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Hi, because we absolutely cannot do this at the moment and because custom properties are not tags I agree. Please could you share with us when this option will be available ? Many thanks

Please allow us to tag contacts.  Just moved over from another CRM and I can't believe this option is not available.  It's very difficult to segment contacts without tags. 

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I do like the concept of tags though you do also need to make sure to have the right controls in place. 


-Make sure everyone knows the process and does it in similar ways. Otherwise, you will never get decent data. 

-Who can add tags? Because you likely will end up with duplicates and again bad data if everyone is just adding them in. Let alone shorthand/spelling mistakes.


Often times in place tagging in the world of unstructured data just because of how companies handle them without proper controls to the point they become useless. 


I agree. Take a look at the tag feature in AgileCRM. It is very useful to create your own tags that can group multiple contacts and can identify groups within groups. e.g. Source, campaign, use case, etc.




Wow.  Tagging is not implemented, and it looks based on previous posts that hubspot doesn't understand how important and flexible this feature makes a CRM?  This is a problem.  This could be very well what has me move back to our previous CRM... we hadn't moved over all the data yet, as our team in marketing is really pushing for hubspot... but to not be able to have a tag cloud (in our case to be able to use for locations around the world) is a problem... 


Reporting in from 2020. Please add tags


Please consider adding this.


It's really disheartening that this basic feature is still an issue.  I don't know any CRM that doesn't have this.  To say this has been requested for years is daunting.


Needed. Standard in almost every other CRM for a reason. Used widely by just about everyone. 
I use custom fields where I know a value or want absolute interogation of the data. However, there is simply no alternative to tagging for quick, "anything" tagging that can be searched for later. 
Yes that means it may not be perfect, but then just be aware of that when searching. 


We need this too. Shocked it doesn't exist. 


Let me point out that the idea page has tags...


Can this basic functionality please be applied to Deals (and contacts and companies while we're at it)


I agree that tags would be VERY helpful.


Why not just create a custom property called "Tags", then add a set of pre-determined values as accepted properties for this?

Depending on how many values are needed, you could allow a free-text field, but this runs the risks of typos or duplicate/similar entries.


I have done this, and it works much better than pre-determined tags. I also added a value "Other", which triggers a workflow for me to ask the colleague why they've assigned "Other" - i.e. is there a value missing, or do they need extra training?

You can then filter within the company/contact overview based on tag type.


not being able to tag our customers prevents us from using hubspot at all


+1 to the idea of tagging

I just started using HubSpot recently and I can’t believe there’s no tags! For real, this seems like such a fundamental feature, it makes it so easy to sort contacts and even display info. I want to see at a glance what tags a contact has. Please add this feature!

I’m honestly starting to regret our move to HubSpot from ActiveCampaign. I’m hoping it’s just a learning curve, but there’s some pretty basic things I’m having the hardest time figuring out how to do I HS, where as in ActiveCampaign they were straight forward and simple.

Two years since this was posted and still no TAGS on HubSpot.


Come on guys, lets add this and make your people happy!


Im so blown away this hasn't been added to their system. Very disappointing.

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Your best bet is to create custom properties and use them in the way that you may have used tags in a previous CRM. In other CRMs, where both tags and custom fields/properties are available, there are usually far less automation options/filtering rules available for tags vs. those fields/properties.


I think HubSpot has done well to keep it to just properties. Omitting tags keeps the data cleaner and keeps your CRMs better organized.