Contact or Company Tags?


Is there a process for associating tags to contacts or companies? If not, is there another way in which to associate certain qualities to contacts and/or companies that are not already listed?

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I agree. The user-defined nature of tags is an important feature that a custom property doesn't have. Hubspot needs tags.


Tags for not only Contacts & Companies but creating campaigns & projects would be a quick and easy way to group all activities under one banner.


Asana does it really well:


Here is my "Tags" work around in Hubspot...


Create a Property called Tag, Tags or whatever you want to  use...


Set it up as a Multiple checklist


Add whatever labels you like as you would with Tags on other products.


I sort most all lists based on some "tag" label under the property "tag" or "tags" or whatever


That's great but our subscription doesn't allow us to create Properties.


You can create any property you like in any Hubsport Sales CRM, Free, Starter or Sales Professional...( I just spoke with Tech Support)


Click on gear icon...


Click on properties...


Under Property settings.. click on "create property" (under contact, company or deal)


Name your Property ( use multiple checkboxes under field type)...


Add as many labels as you like...


Caution ...if you try to mass add a label... you will wipe out existing labels.. (this is the biggest drawback of not having true "tags")


Hope that helps...




Properties greyed out.jpgProperties greyed out Smiley Sad


Your admin has the capability to turn on " edit property settings" for you or whomever they like.....


So, people who have "edit property settings" can do this.


Hope that helps and hope you and your admin can work out a plan that works for your team.




Thank you!  I will try that and see how I get on with the Properties workaround.


Thanks  @dtwuensch for the suggestion - I think that is the best workaround available and hopefully will do the trick for most people.  For us though the problem was that if using a multiple choice field you have to set up your labels or options in advance; whereas the proper tagging system we were hoping for  would allow you to create new tags at the point of editing a record.  So if you're looking at a contact  you might suddenly decide to tag them with something used for the first time - you don't want to have to go and edit the Properties  each time.


Here's an example of what I mean - creating "tag4" on the fly (in Zendesk, as an example).






Please Please Please!!!


Tags would make this CRM way more dynamic for tracking and communication.  It is a feature that needs to be implemented.  I would be willing to try out a new CRM over this feature.


Custom properties (a checkbox list) can work a lot like tag clouds, BUT:


1) I struggle to "share" tags between Companies and Contacts.  Sometimes I know that a contact is interested in, say, "Chocolate Flavor" because they filled out a form.  Other times I want to be able make a really good guess from what their Company does (a dessert shop, for example, would be defaulted to "Chocolate Flavor")

I'd like to be able to target Contacts based on either a Contact's OR a Company's interest in Chocolate Flavor.


2) Some people (not me) may want to do them on the fly, rather than via settings.


There's one other benefit that I've come across in additional to having a property consistent across contact types (contacts/companies/deals/etc.). 


I've used the multi checkbox property type to kind of accomplish tags, but just realized today that every time a workflow or bulk edit is made, it overwrites (or unchecks) all the current items that are checked off. Not Good 😞


Tags is a pretty basic feature in any CRM i've ever worked with. 


Currently testdriving the software for my company and it is the tagging feature I'm missing right-away. The regular search doesn't work well at all in my opinion, unless you know the exact contact or company name.


Custom properties looks like a weak rip-off and rather rigid version of a regular tagging system that's known to work fast and easy, so I'm surprised to see this thread which started in 2016 without any response from hubspot. Hopefully this will be included or at least some response be given before our evaluation period ends.


Update: Now been given the right to add a custom label, and testdriving this solution (mentioned above by somebody, thanks!):

- Add custom label (settings > properties > company properties > create a property > and name it (in my case "Manufacturing type" ))

- Choose Multiline text as  a Field Type

- For each company you can now freely add text to this field (in my case Milling, Machining, sheet metal, etc.)

- On the Company Contacts page, search for the property by clicking " Add Filter" , selecting the one you just made, select "contains exactly" 

- search for exact term, or search for part of the Multiline Text by using asterisks *.

E.g.: " mill* "  or " sheet*" to find all spellings or variants.


Up next: testdriving it some more with collegues.


We require an ability to assign teams as we have many projects inside an enterprise client.


Tags would be the best solution for us as our account delivery leads could assign tags to people that join a project or that interact with a project.


Otherwise we have an INSANE long list of projects to be updating and pruning in some ridiculous dropdown.





Is there any update on this? 


Here's how we use tags in, and I'd like something similar in Hubspot. it's useful to be able to create a custom tag that gets indexed and you can use it to search for all contacts with that tag. 


Adding a tag -


Searching for contacts with tags -


I voted on the idea you linked, but that's pretty old. I don't see how we can work without some kind of tags! People say use a multi-checkbox, but if bulk editing that field resets them all, then they're pretty useless, right? I have about a dozen "categories" for our users, and users use more as they see fit. Need a way to manage those in Hubspot!


Wow i can't believe I can't tag. I don't know how I am supposed sort my list. Any workarounds at all?


Don't know how you guys have gone so long without this feature, and it's been open two and half years...


I'm guessing that "there's nothing so permanent as a temporary solution / workaround".


We found one workaround that seems to do the trick for us: using a different CRM.  [wink]