Contact notes are no longer automatically showing on deals

We spend all this time makeing notes on a contact. Then once the contact is coverted to a deal, all the notes no longer show on the deal.


Now, we have to manually go back to the contact to associate each note to the deal.


The system was automatically showing our contact notes on the deals. Not it's not and we have to manually add each note to the deal.


How can we make the contact notes auto synch with deal notes? 

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HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Hey @Cris1985, welcome to the HubSpot Community.


I believe you're referring to the recent update in which deals and activities are associated. This is part of an active change, made as part of our users' feedback that not all contact and company activity should be associated with a given deal (because many notes may not be relevant or overwhelm). You can check out some of the perspectives on this idea post.


This article provides an in-depth look on what you can expect deals and activities to be associated (post and pre-11/13) and how to tie existing notes to your deals.


I've also moved your post to the Ideas forum for other users to chime in too and add their perspectives.