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Contact list filters for emails sent via the transactional email add-on

Hi all,


in the lists tool you can currently filter for marketing emails either via certain email contact properties like "Last marketing email name" or via the filter type "Marketing emails".


Some HubSpot customers are using the "Transactional emails" add-on for important emails like software updates or billing information and wish to explicitly filter out all contacts that have ever received an email sent via the "Transactional emails" add-on. 


I know, there are some workarounds for this (like setting up a custom property as a marker or by adding each individual email sent via the transactional add-on to a list) but these workarounds are time consuming.


Thus it would be awesome to be able to filter directly for contacts, who have received a transactional email.





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Agreed, I would like to add here it's preferred to have 'Recent Transactional email' and also the date as properties, same functionality als the 'Recent marketing email' and also add it as a seperate data source in custom reports so it will become possible to also report on transactional email sends.