Contact creation from Gmail Logging

Hi HubSpot Development Team, We use Outlook and Office 365 integration, and have email tracking & logging turned on for our Sales and Account Management Teams. But CRM management is becoming extremely difficult with all the new contacts that get automatically created. We need both the email tracking and logging capabilities so anyone can go back and see the history of a client with Sales and Account Management. But we do not need all the extra contacts that get created. Most of the time they are not clients or leads, so we do not want them in HubSpot, and whenever they get auto-created, they end up in marketing workflows they should not be in, it's a struggle to keep them out.  As far as I understood, currently it is not possible to separate logging from auto-created contacts, but for our company at least, it would be extremely important to have this capability. Being able to easily create contacts through an email integration is useful, but only if our team has full control over which contacts they need in HubSpot. I haven't seen any other software that has this enabled. In Sharpspring we were able to log emails without any contacts being created, so managing the CRM was easy. But we didn't have the option to create contacts through an email integration on the few occasions when that would have been useful. Thanks!