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Contact Record Activity Feed Search: More robust search functionality to include user activity

Hi. In my experience looking in contacts' activity feeds when troubleshooting, etc., I think the search functionality currently available falls short. The activity feed contains so much useful data, but it can also be overwhelming if you can't effectively search for any/all aspects within the feed.


Direct From HS Support:
As of now, Activity Feed is focused on the activity of the user's customer, not the user's own activity. There is currently no plan to surface user activity in the Feed. Here's a full list of what we can search using this search bar:

  • Task subject
  • Task body
  • Note body
  • Call body
  • Email subject
  • Meeting body

Since enlisting a contact to a list is a user's activity instead of a contact's activity, we are not able to search for it with keywords using the search bar.

Case In Point:
When I was trying to troubleshoot why a few contacts were not receiving specific marketing emails from us, I thought I could search their activity feeds by the name of a specific suppression list to quickly determine whether that is why the contacts were not receiving said emails. My search turned up empty, but I found out later on that these contacts were in fact in that suppression list I had previously searched for, but because the search functionality doesn't look for those types of activities, it doesn't show up in search results.

I just think with as detailed as the activity feeds are, having a more robust search functionality is a must. Can you accommodate this? Thank you.

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I agree. The search bar should be able to search for all types of activities for us to fully optimize the HubSpot platform. 

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Thanks for submitting this @BSheck! I agree we could do more here to help search through timeline activity. There are some techincal limitations that prevent us from doing this right now but this is definitely something we want to invest more time in when that becomes possible. I am marking as "Not Currently Planned" for right now while we work on some other enhancements but I will be sure to follow up here with any updates!


I would also like to add my support here. Not being able to search the body of emails is exceedingly frustrating and creates huge inefficencies when it comes to account management - especially in our environment where we have multiple people/teams involved with clients. I often avoid HubSpot where possible and try to use other tools like "sent" items in email as I know this will be quicker. It is surprising that such basic functionality doesn't exist in this product.


I agree - the search for email body is a must have. Are there some updates planed?



Our sales & service teams often leave notes on contacts or companies. It would be SO helpful if we could simply look for keywords in global search and would receive more if not all results.