Contact Owner rotation based on number of existing deals or contacts

Imagine you have a sales team of 6 people and leads coming in from various sources throughout a week (call, email, website form fill...). Currently, you can rotate contact owner allocation and it evenly distributes based on the number going through the workflow, which is great. But what about the fact that leads are coming from other places and some are turning into Deals at different rates. We could end up with one sales person having 10 deals and others with 1, but all being allocated evenly still - not quite fair on anyone.


It would be great to rotate leads, taking into account the number of Deals they have associated. That way, the Sales Team will get allocated a number of leads in fair proportion.


The same logic could work looking at lead allocation based on the number of contacts at a certain lifecycle stage (SQL?) an owner has to avoid someone being overloaded with the number of prospects they're pursuing.


All with the same aim - managing workload and distribution.


Any chances of making this a reality? 

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I think it would be great if HubSpot admins could create custom lead allocation rules.

With HubSpot we gather intelligence about the quality of leads generated as well as the performance of sales people. It would make sense to use this intelligence to create weighted lead allocation rules instead of the round robin setup.

I think this is where Marketo has an edge on HubSpot.