Contact Notes should sync between contact and company records


Hi, when creating Notes on Contact records, they currently are not synced onto the associated Company's timeline. Is this fix coming soon?

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It would be amazing to have the notes left on the companies and contacts to be synced. 

Our customer service team uses Contacts, our sales team uses Companies. If sales leave a note or customer services leaves a note, neither team are aware of this the next time they view the customers profile. 


I think it should be a standard feature, as it is on some CRMs, to be able to post a note to a company and 'link' it to the company contacts so that the note appears under BOTH the company and the contact so that nothing is lost.


And vice versa if you make a note in the contact.


Exactly! Thanks, I thought I noted that.


When you add a note onto a contact page, it should populate on the company history page


Good Morning, 

I have recently been utilizing the note feature on both company and contact pages.  Love the feature of pinning to the top, but it would be great if there was an option when making a note on the company page to have it pinned on all associated contacts.  

If this is already a feature, let me know as I have not come across an easy way other than copy and paste.


I agree with this. When I see the company timeline, I expect an aggregate of all interations with contacts.


I think it's pretty rediculous that the contact is not associated with their own notes. Moving a contact from an incorrect company results in the notes being left behind in the incorrect company. You would think that this would of been one of the first things actioned in regards to creating the software.


This I think is relevant for all types of activities. When you create a note, or log an email, or a call or a meeting, there should be an option to "also add to associated company". 


And I absolutely agree with @Naomi: the activities should move around with the contact if it gets associated with another company. Because of the faulty automatic association, there are always hundreds of contacts in our database that are associated with the wrong company and that need to be moved around manually. 


However, I think the link between the contact and its attachments should be suspended in one case: when the contact is deleted. 
This is really important: When a contact leaves the company and is no longer valid for us, we want to delete it. But what about the relevant business communication? Maybe this person was involved in some milestone meetings or there is some important information in the email conversation with her. This is information we want to keep in the system - on the company card. 
So in this case, there should be an option to "Keep this contact's activities logged on the company card". 


Agree with @Anna-T entirely!


On the surface, the Hubspot sales features sound great but in practice the disconnected nature of the records create as many holes as the software fills. Now when communicating with our prospects we have to explore Deals, Company and Contact records before sending out a communication to make sure no activity is missed. Why can't I see all activity in one place?

Please make it so that anything entered on the contact or deal record is automatically defaulted to the company. Anything entered at the company level can be associated with any deal or contact.


Please implement this! It's been over a year since it has been brought up. Since it's already present on the desktop, it "should" be an easy add on.


It looks like HubSpot has implemented something close to what this thread is asking for:



I notice that activity on a contact can also be associated with the contact's company through a checkbox. This allows a particular note to be visible on the contact's view and on the associated company's view. I wonder if it would be possible to write a workflow that would automate associating a contact's note with the contact's company:

  • when a note is created for a contact
  • check to see if the contact belongs to a company
  • if there is a company, associate the note with the contact's company as well

This would make it so you could see the note both on the contact record and on the contact's company record.

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

This is now live to all customers! When creating a note on a contact timeline, the associated company will be automatically selected in the associations dropdown and the note will appear on the company record's timeline as well. The company's association to the note can be removed with the checkbox in the associations dropdown before or after the note is created.