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Contact Lists: Exclude people who have a deal in a specific pipeline (even if deals exist in other)

I keep having this problem and every time I contact the chat I am told that this is currently not possible. (Today's support employee said he already had another request regarding this problem today).


The problem: If I create a contact-based list where I want to exclude the people who have a deal in the "Sales" pipeline, for example, this doesn't work if the same person also has a linked deal in the "Marketing" phase " has. This is not possible even with an additional, deal-based exclusion list.


I tried it with this filter: 


Contact is assigned to:
All deal
And related element (Deal) contains all:
Pipeline is not one of "Sales" or is empty


I don't understand why it's not already common practice to create a filter saying "None of the linked deals can be in the "Sales" pipeline."? So I'm asking you to change or add this as quickly as possible. I'm obviously not the only one who is reaching the limits of the filter options here.

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@IrisOlbrich I agree the List filters can be improved to resolve this issue, you can workaround this by creating a workflow that has the criteria you want (Pipeline does not equal Sales) and add the contacts that meet the criteria to a static list.

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@Jnix284 Thanks for the workaround! 🙂