Contact Comment Notification - Improve Email

In Contacts, when you create a Note and @mention someone, it sends a notification by email (based on user settings) that includes the contents of the note.


There is a new functionality to Comment on an existing Note which allows for a record of communication regarding that subject to be captured. Previously, if you wanted to group notes, our users would edit the notes even if they didn't create them which led to a lot of doubling up on @mentions. 


This functionality has a very generic notification that needs to be improved to make the Comments tool as useful as the Notes tool.


1. The notification only triggers if you @mention someone in the comment. If this is treated like a conversation, the comments should automatically notify those originally mentioned.


2. The notification email is generic, it simply states that another user mentioned you on a comment for that contact. Unlike a Note, you can't read the information without going to the contact record. Some Notes/Comments are FYIs to management, which makes it frustrating that Comment notifications are different from Notes.


3. Include an option to Follow a thread of Notes/Comments which would allow you to get updates for a specific Note/Comment (similar to the notification for Following deal stage updates).


Comments provide a great opportunity to communicate with your team,