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Consolidated Feature Requests

Hi team,

Raising this on behalf of users who can benefit from the following improvesents;

1.  My suggestion is to allow adding a new rule on the top of the rules list, not forcing me to scroll to the bottom
2. You may also want to add a button "add new rule" on the top
3. Buttons [AND] are misleading - like you also have [OR] option, which I do not think you have
4. I would suggest having the score edit window full screen, not right-side flow-in window. This window deserves to be a first class citizen like many other settings. You have it for domains (which is tuned once) but do not have it for something used every day!
5. It is quite cumbersome to see a specific contact score in the window which is designed to create score (I mean Test score button, which is currently the only way to see how a specific contact got their score). Besides, you have to scroll down all the rules. It could be good for testing, but when I am working with a contact, I am only interested in rules that worked.
6. Suggestion: while you can leave Test score where it is, add another button on each contact properties page. This button should show this particular contact scoring details: only those rules which worked on them to add score (maybe, timestamp when this rule worked first/last time).