Consistency in $ Currency Format

HubSpot supports multiple currency - From United States Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, etc.


At the moment United States Dollar (USD) is displayed as $, whereas Australian Dollar is having the display of AU$, New Zeland Dollar is NZ $ and Singapore Dollar is S$.


It would be great if we could create a consistency for US Dollars to be USD$ as the current format for other dollar currency is [Country Code][$]

This would prevent confusion especially when users are having multiple dollar currencies in the portal




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Thanks Dwi,


We are located in Australia so therefore when we're creating a quote for a US based client it simply shows as $ (as the original currency default for HubSpot is in USD). This is confusing internally and for our clients (they aren't sure if "$" means USD or AUD).


Anyone who has a HubSpot account outside of the US who deals in multiple currencies will have the same issue.