Connecting Contacts to Calendar

Idealistically, if I had a list of contacts that I needed to manage on a certain day, they would be organized in order of time (eg 9am - 5pm) as a view; any incoming email would be added to that list of contacts I have to engage with that day.


To be intuitive with workflow, I would be able to touch a contact, that would allow me to go into their timeline and look at all the related properties. I can then decide whether I require any further follow-up with that contact or not. If i do require some follow-up, then I need to put the contact into my calendar


If I decide to move that contact into a different time slot on the same day, I would drag and drop it within the list.


If I want to move the contact into a different day, I would slide that contact incrementally to the left, which would give me the view of my calendar for tomorrow. If I slide the contact further to the left, it would give me the view of my calendar for the week. If I slide furthest to the left, then I would get a month view of my calendar, and could pick a date accordingly. As I choose a date, that day would open up my calendar so I can see what other events have already been scheduled that day. Currently I have to pick the date from a spin wheel, which is ineffective because I don't know whether I have a conflict on that day - it may be my wife's birthday, or I have scheduled it off for a surgery. So with the calendar opened up, and the first day I picked is not a good day, it gives me the option to choose a week view or a month view.


For example, if I put the contact in at a certain time and day, since this person lives in a different time zone, and I have to deal with it in the morning, then a screen opens up which allows me the opportunity to either add to my notes, identify the type of meeting, which I can customize and which is colour differentiated (eg. closing the business, location of physical meeting), and I can adjust the length of the meeting. I would have the option of having this meeting alarmed with an audible ding, and to send an email to the person/invitee if I choose.


In summary, what makes sense is to have the contact connected to the calendar, e.g. an easily understood contact management system, not a task-centric system which is not easy to use and not intuitive.


For further clarification to run this past the programmers, and to understand how sales people are utilizing this, I would happy to describe an intuitive workflow in more detail. Here is my contact info - please advise,


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