Connect multiple calendars to 1 HubSpot account


It would be great to see the ability to connect more than 1 Cadlender per HubSpot account. 


For example 1 Google Calender and 1 Outlook Calender to a single HubSpot user.


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Enabling multiple calendars to be synchronised so that final available slots shown are only the ones that are intersection for all


I have 3 different calendars so Hubspot can't do what I need and I'll have to use Calendly instead.


This is so important...with today's gig and consulting economy, many of us work for more than one business and so have more than one email/calendar....but HubSpot doesn't support this.

please let us integrate more than one calendar (with different email addresses)!


good idea! I manage (on my own) multiple website, and I would like to be able to communicatie from and have agenda's from those domains. 


I know at least 3 people who would also appreciate this!
Something to note: Outlook (Office 365) allows to add personal calendars like Google's and then within the office my personal slots appear busy, as desired!!!
Maybe there is some specific API from Outlook 365 than can provide combined availability, which would make this feature a low hanging fruit?




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commenting for a customer here. Is there a reason why we can only connect calendars from the same email addresses? I believe we should allow different calendars to be integrated if possible since we may use them for separate purposes.


My request is that the Meetings function take calendar integrations from both Outlook and Google simultaneously. I'm a teacher and tech coordinator for a school, and while the school uses Outlook for organizational communication and meetings, we also use Google for the Education Suite. This means that I manage a professional calendar via Outlook and an academic calendar via Google. To be properly available for Meetings via Hubspot, I need it to check both calendars.


When using the meeting scheduler, it would be great if it could check availability of calendars from different accounts.  I understand within one account, you can select various calendars for Hubspot to check availability, but you cannot access calendars outside of that account.


For example, my primary work account/calendar is on Microsoft 365. However, I have other Google (gmail) calendars which may have other meetings/engagements that would conflict with someone booking on my primary work calendar since they couldn't see that availability.


If Hubspot will allow you to connect multiple accounts, then additional calendars could be checked for availability.


I would recommend that Hubspot look into adding the ability to view and add calendar meetings from calendars of different domains.  I personally have 2 business calendars (mail boxes) ( and  that are from different domains as well as a personal calendar and mail box from a 3rd domain (  It would be very useful for the Hubspot Calendar/Meeting object to be able to view multiple email calendars from completely different domains (as long as they are owned by the owner or can provide login credentials for them) and to be able to schedule time on them.  At a minimum, you could schedule on one that you set as default, but it shouldn't be that hard to provide the person scheduling the option to select based on the type of meeting.  


This would be hugely helpful.  As it stands right now, I am unable to use the Hubspot Calendar/Meeting function as I must coordinate these 3 disparate calendars.


I also have multiple calendars (personal and business) and they don't use the same email address.  Let's get this fixed so I can use this meetings feature.