Connect Ads to HubSpot campaign

When you connect FB ad account to Hubspot you are not able to apply specific FB campaign/ad to Hubspot campaign. Please add an option to connect an Ad to HubSpot campaign, just like it is with all the other assets (forms, CTAs, LP, SM posts...)


If you don't have an option to tag Ad as an asset to HubSpot campaign you don't have a full picture of a campaign, because you're not able to measure the effectiveness of all the sources.

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Apr 14, 2020

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upvote this 100% to track the different marketing tactics put in place through hubspot campaigns, including ads, is vital to measure success. 

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This would be a very helpfup update!

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Yes, it is kinda weird that you can create all kinds of holistic views wihtin Hubspot accept for campaigns. Ads are often an important part of a campaign and not be able to add them as an asset of a Hubspot campaign, limits the value of the Hubspot campaign feature.

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Thank you for submitting this feedback! We are currently reviewing this.

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Completely agree. The whole point of a campaign is to deliver a message to an audience across all available marketing channels. To exclude ads — especially when they are supported so we well as a marketing channel — makes no sense. It shouldn't be a difficult change to make to the product either. And I say that as someone who had designed and built many software systems.

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This is such a needed feature! For PPC Search Ads alongside FB ads. 

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We really need to see all the details of the assets related to a campaign under one roof, including related ad campaigns, source/medium we used to tag our links with, dynamic lists (which grows gradually and campaign shows its growth), and of course the existing assets a campaign can track. 


I also would like to see the details of the attached assets for any time frame, not only since the time I have created the campaign.