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Currently the quote number is formatted as #yyyymmdd-xxxxxxxx, wherexxxxxxxx are random non-sequential numbers. I'd like to be able to configure how the quote number is formatted and generated, e.g. QU-xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is a sequential number.


The reason why I'd like to have that is because hubspot's current quote number format is really long, and not friendly to our customers who need to record these in their procurement systems. Secondly, we currently use Xero to generate quotes, and we'd like to migrate to hubspot instead, and to be able to continue from our current quote sequences. For reference, Xero has this functionality that allows us to format the quote number, and to set the start number of the auto-numbering sequence. 



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Yes, this would be something our client would really like. At the moment, the quote number generated by HS is almost useless for companies who are audited regularly. 


This is CRAZY that we can't customize the quote numbers.


HubSpot is ultimately trying to enable sales....right?

Isn't quoting a key feature for....sales?


It's crazy that the quote numbers are so long. PLEASE add some customization here!

Even just a sequential number would be preferred to the long reference number!!

Crazy for sure. I found a solution though it's an additional $249. month
which was not in the budget I presented when they told me they had quoting
software. I didn't expect ever that we would not have sequential quote
numbers nor the ability to customize the quote. Mickey Mouse really!

Similar situation here. We include a 3 or 4 digit client code in each quote, the quote number, and sometimes a letter code indicating the version of the quote ... ABC-001-A. It would be best if we could just manually input the quote number we want to use. This is actually more important when we create invoices - we have the Hubspot-Quickbooks integration enabled and we can't use the 'Create Invoice' button in Hubspot because we can't set the invoice number properly (it just adds 1 to the previous invoice in QB and doesn't allow us to set it, so we have to go into QB to change it) 


We found an outside solution that addresses all our concerns. Check out

Connects with Hubspot Deals, when the quote is confirmed by an
esignature it moves to confirm ed in the deals section for production to
start working on the quote. Also allows for invoicing to quickbooks.

Hope that helps,


Yes please! Upvote!