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Configure billing start date for quotes with recurrent Stripe payments

Users are looking for a configurable billing Start Date field to set on Quotes with recurring payments using the Stripe integration.

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Thanks! Please see this thread here:


Most of the comments revolve around sending out a quote that includes BOTH a one-time payment AND a future subscription payment model. 


I.E. I send out a quote that will charge my customer $699 right now for set up etc. and then in 30 (or 45 days or 60) charges them $399 on a monthly basis. Products have a "Start Date" field that apparentlyl aren't doing anything. 


I was told Hubspot is already aware of this issue and is working on a fix, but there wasn't a thread. Upvote please. 


Here's what I need. 

  • Like @granthanson said, the ability to send a quote w/both one-time payment and subscription in addition with being able to create a subscription to start on a future date. 
  • Ability to use subscriptions w/fixed price terms.  This may be more on Stripe's side.  Our subscriptions all have fixed pricing terms.  Once created, I need Stripe to see the term is for 3 years and only bill for 3 years.  Instead, my understanding is that Stripe subscriptions recur indefinitely unless manually canceled. 

Any updates on this?


The only thing I need right now is the ability to use stripe to automatically stop the billing. Stripe won't let us bill unless we delete the terms on recurring payments. 


Typically, our contracts recurr for 4-6 months. We can't use this solution if we have to manually cancel billing for ever single client. 


Any update on this? 


I think having a start date on the subscription is a good first step. 


What would be a fuller solution would be to have a payment schedule interface for both subscriptions and for non-recurring one-time costs that you want to break up into multiple payments.


It would be cool if you could make those payment schedules into reuseable templates, as well as being able to manually create them on the fly. You could use these templates in conjunction with Products when building out a quote. 


For example, with this functionality I would create a payment schedule templates for net 30, net 45, net 60 and net 90.  I'd also create ones that split up the upfront fees or professional service fees into multiple payments (with different net invoicing). Another example would be a subscription that increases after 6 months. All these payments terms are commonly used in SaaS to help us close deals. 


Not being able to record the payment schedules in Hubspot creates a few problems: 


First, you're missing the information, so you have to store it in some other fields in Hubspot, or track it outside of Hubspot. 


Second, you can't pass that information on to someone else (like Stripe) that can use that information to actually charge/bill those payments at the right times and the right amounts. So, you're inputting the information outside of Hubspot (or double entering it if you're using a custom field in Hubspot to track it). 


Third, there's no easy report to pull that shows how much revenue you should be expecting each month based on what you've booked. The Revenue Analytics in Hubspot is awesome, but it just assumes that you're collecting the revenue immediately. 


Fourth, it makes it harder to reconcile. You want to make sure that what you billed is getting paid and also hitting the bank account. 


Fifth, it would help with GAAP compliance (not an accountant, but I know that's important to our CFO). 


Sixth, it would be cool to eventually be able to report on SaaS metrics directly from Hubspot (Churn, ARPU, CLTV, CAC Recovery, CLTV:CAC, etc.). 


I know there are other solution out that can help (like SaaS Optics, ChargeBee, ProfitWell, etc.), but, being a Hubspot fanboy, I'd prefer to do it all in Hubspot, where everything else lives. It would certainly make Hubspot an even more stickier product for us, and it would be another way for you to make more money off us (as I'd rather give the money to Hubspot than a third-party integrated solution, provided Hubspot offered a full solution to our problem). 



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No comments on this in 8 months.

@kdarnell @Moneyball  did you guys find an alternative solution?

@hroberts is there any update on this?



We really need this feature.  The quote system is great but without a modifiable start date we cant really use it


A start date and the ability to bill for a partial month/current month.


I am looking to be able to schedule weekly subscriptions also is there a partner that can add payment or billing options to a hubspot form? 




How is this still not available?


With the latest updates to Quotes I figured this was FINALLY done (now we have the ability to specify when the payment is due) falls short. Really short. Here's what we need to fully use Hubspot in our sales process. 


1. Rep sends a quote with both one-time and recurring payment options. i.e. Implementation fee due now and monthly subscription starts in 7-30 days.

2. Customer receives quotes - signs, enters credit card and pays for implementation fee now, and according to "custom start date" (already released in latest update) will be charged their new subscription fee. 


Right now we are using Hello Sign to sign a contract with those terms. THEN our AR has to go into Stripe and manually configure subscription dates etc. 


Seems like there are more than a thousand likes on this original post. Why is this so hard when others have this solution?


Bumping this up again.  @granthanson, I couldn't agree more with your recent comments.  We are still muddling through all the manual entry that is required with the Stripe integration, but I'm now looking for an alternative because it's simply not scalable or manageable.  


I would also like this to be done with other payment systems (Quickbooks Payments).


Still highly relevant - any subscription business need a starting date. 

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I commented on this thread 14 months ago....still no update from Hubspot. To say that is disappointing is a massive understatement. Anything you can share @hroberts ?


We also REALLY need the option for a subscription start date. It should be a simple property added to the line items for products. We have the option to choose billing (monthly vs yearly) but no option to say WHEN to start. It is completely frustrating. We could Close the Deal today but not start billing until next month. We need the Sales Rep to get credit for selling the Deal today, but we will need the recurring revenue to start when the bill date hits. This is a No Brainer!!


the stripe integration is redundant for us without being able to sync with our subscription product in stripe. We need to remove the barrier of the customer having to login to our application, navigate to the subscription area and enter their details. With a payment link this removes all blockers. This was flagged 3 years ago as a critical product, not sure why its still not delivered



Bumping this topic. I spoke with support this week and the subscription start date provided is still not reflected when the Stripe subscription is created.  Stripe fully supports this functionality, it's a matter of it being implemented on the HubSpot side.


Hubspot Team, there are a few ways this can be implemented:


Billing Cycle Anchor

Non-Prorated Trial

Here's a Stripe article on ways to create Subscription objects with specific billing dates:


I hope this can be implemented soon as it's misleading to recipients of a quote to see a specific start date and then be charged immediately.


why can't we see the Start Date on the quote?


What is the purpose of the start date then? 


as this has been here three years I doubt much will be done. When using product Start Date, this should be the date charged in Stripe. Otherwise what is the point of the field