Conditionally display and/or make mandatory properties for existing records

For already existing records, we need to be able to have conditional logic for properties to display/not display them and to make them mandatory/not mandatory.


Use case 1 - "State": display a property based on conditions

If US is choosen in "Country", then display a "State" field.


Use case 1 - "Unqualified reason": display and make mandatory a property based on conditions

If 'Lead Status' is "Unqualified", then display + make mandatory "UnqualifiedrReason".

Note: the solution of having values "Unqualified / {reason 1}", "Unqualified / {reason 2}" as values within the leas status property is not acceptable since it would make us lose the possibility to count "Unqualified" in reporting (as values can't be grouped).

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Use case 4:

If Deal Stage enters "Contracting", then make Contract Start Date mandatory.


@bfelker: for achieving what you want, go to setting then to your pipe (Small gear top right > Sales > Deals). Then "Edit properties" for contracting stage. Then pick "Contract Start Date" and make it mandatory.


Once it works, kindly remove above comment as it's not valid here.

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I would find this very helpful as well. But I'd love to have the same logic for deal properties.


Use Case 4: If a contact is marked as existing business, then display dependent fields to quickly describe the relationship and previous purchase / preferences.

I have a client who is working on an integration to Microsoft Navision, but it's going to be sometime before that is realized. This would be an easy way to have the sales team import data into HubSpot piece by piece for the foreseeable future.


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We need this desperately especially for a CRM for a business. Salesforce has it, can't understand why Hubspot doesn't. 

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This kind of logis would be very helpful for us for Company, Contacts and Deal properties!

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This would indeed be a useful logic to add into the properties. Please advise if there are any updates to this?


Thank you