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Conditional form options for payments

I know that Payments is new to HubSpot and features are still being rolled out, but we haven't been able to use it for our purposes quite yet.


Knowing that Payments is now integrated in Forms, it would be amazing if payments could be built into the form logic. 


Specific example:

As a school I want users to be able to self-serve auxiliary program purchases like after-school and extended care. I want the user to be able to choose the days and programs they're interested in. If conditional property A is a custom property showcasing our available programs as radio select or multiple checkbox, I want a specific payment link to appear based on the selection(s) they've created. 


This logic already exists within forms to populate additional questions, so would be great to combine them!


In a similar vein, being able to set a capacity at the product level would be great -- again using the example of limited registration programs etc. There are school- and after-school programs that do this kind of thing, but the rest of the functionality is very limited and interoperability with other software even more so. 


This would add a ton of value to our business, and might help us avoid another bit of school-specific, overly specialized software. 


(And if anyone on the product team wants to get in touch about school use cases, I have lots of ideas to help expansion into that biz category!!)