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Conditional Ticket forms

Thanks for implementing the pipeline logic, this is a huge step to help our clients organise and structure ticketing forms.


Please allow users to order these property fields in which way suits us.

As it stands they sit at the bottom in a random order, regardless of the order you select them. This gets messy quick.


In addition to thie update, can you allow depenant fields aswell.




User creates ticket
Pipeline option: Complaint pipeline
Below logic then follows,
Complaints Category Dropdown appears
- User selects 'Delivery' out of drop down options

Delivery Sub Category Dropdown appears
- User selects Sub category option

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The capability to reorder these would be ideal, but also, there is a disconnect between the way logic-based ticket fields display in the editor vs. how they display in the ticket form. They seem to be alphabetized by Property Name in the editor and by hard-coded, uneditable property name in the saved/live ticket view. If this was fixed, it would at least offer a temporary ability to reorder based on an editable property name. In my example, I renamed Support Subcategory to Support Category 2, which displays correctly in the editor, but incorrectly in the live ticket form (hard-coded property name: support_subcategory seems to control the live view alphabetized sorting).


Screen Shot 2023-04-06 at 8.34.46 AM.png   Screen Shot 2023-04-06 at 8.35.38 AM.png