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Conditional Property Permissioning

Hey HubSpot,


We'd love to see something in the way of adding conditional logic as to WHEN somebody can edit a property rather than just WHO can edit/see etc


E.g When the Deal is Deal Stage "Pending Approval", properties such as "Conditions", "Amount", "Submission Date" cannot be updated.


This would allow for greater confidence and control around time crititcal processes and ensuring that information is not being incorrectly updated after a submission where details must remain the same for verification purposes etc


Ideally this would be similar to, but is not quite the same as User Permissions on Properties.



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This would be great if it was in other areas, like conditional ticket stage properties. So the relevant stage property comes up on criteria.


In my example, if the ticket category was cancel order and the ticket stage was set to Closed, I would want it to force the agent to put in a supplier cancellation reference.