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Conditional Form Notification Based on Field Entry

Requested new feature:

For lead capture forms, under the 'Options' tab you can enter email address for sending notifications to when a form is submitted. 

It would be great if we can add conditionality to determine which addresses get the notification based on the submitted fields. For example, if field_1 equals 'John' send notification to  and if field_1 not empty send notification to .


I understand this functionality may be doable through workflows, however we would like to skip the workflow process here


Thanks in advance. 

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In general, conditional completion actions would be a nice touch. 


These conditional rules on completion not existing is a facepalm for Hubspot. We are having to use other vendors and create numerous workarounds to solve for these common sense form features (conditional redirects, conditional notifications) not existing. 


100% needed! Instead, we are having to use way too complicated if/then workflows! This feels like a normal request for webforms, hoping HubSpot adds it soon!