Conditional/Dynamic Dependant Dropdown Properties in forms and CRM


Dependant form fields are a great way of showing users different form fields/properties based on their selection in another.


In some situations, however, we really need to be able to show a subset of the values within one property based on the selection in another. 


For this we need to be able to create rule-based, conditional or dynamic dropdown fields that are also dependant on other properties. 


Forms are one use case for this, but some users also wish this was supported in the CRM UI, to assist internal users in making the right selections quickly.

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We use HubSpot Teams and do have specific team properties, but this improvement is still very necessary for us. We have  global properties (eg. deal type) that the teams would then have to scroll and find their relevant deal type (the drop down list is loong).  If the team is selected from one property, then deal type should be conditional based on the team selected. Would save everyone a lot of time!!! 


Completely agree. 


We have a client with multiple locations, where certain lines of business are offered only at certain of those locations.


To me it's very strange that even with an enterprise account, I can't do progressive forms wherein if someone selects a location they can't see a list of only the lines of business at that location. 


We're a big corporation, so in order for our integration with our CRM to work, we need the State to always come from a predefined list (with duplicate internal values, just to keep you on your toes). But right now, this is basically impossible to do without the world's most complicated "form template" that people must always duplicate if they want to have the right fields in place.  This is just begging for problems to arise right now, and will only grow as a concern if we bring more local sales entities onboard. 

Please fix!



Yes please!


Yes we need this sort of feature, when asking customers to fill in our forms such as asking when their operating times are (opening and closing time) - there is no option to create a field for them to fill in using "free text" but within specific formatting rules (eg. HH:MM AM/PM).


This is really important for progressive audience segmentation using forms. Our company serves many industries, with many segments, and even subsegments. We have a lot of content offers that allow us to progressively develop our contacts when we nurture with new gated content. I'd prefer to just create one dropdown property for each of Industry, Segment, and Subsegment, then limit what is visible in dropdowns lower on the hierarchy based on what was selected above. Unfortunately, right now I must create a new property for each. E.g if my Industry property options were Telecom and Manufacturing, I would need to create a "Telecom Segment" property and a "Manufacturing Segment" property, and this just cascades down. If I have 10 industries each with 5 segments, that's 51 properties (including Industry)! Makes it much harder to manage when list-building...

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Would love to see this implemented. 


Our organiziation would really like to see this option available.


We are currently tracking our deals in a spreadsheet with this capability an need this option to successfully transfer to using deals in HubSpot.  


This would drastically reduce the number of options in our drop-down fields. Please make this an option!!