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Complete Hubspot Campaigns API

Hi all,
Is HubSpot planning to provide an API for the campaign objects?
It does not seem possible to fetch the campaign and it’s related data with the API.

There's this:
But this only enable to fetch some campaign attributes linked to an email.

We would like to sync campaign itself to another environment.
Alternatively, making such a campaign from remote sources would also be cool.

Another idea: If I could fetch the campaign header, the start and end date, the budget, the persona’s, then I could extract that to other systems that might use it for marketing resource management purposes (i.e. to make marketing plans, marketing budgets, … and to report on this)

Any idea if a ‘real’ campaign API is on the Hubspot roadmap?

Thanks for insights :slight_smile:



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May 25, 2020 01:57 PM

Hi everyone, I have some updates to share here. I've posted a few updates on a bunch of other ideas related to Campaigns, for example: The shortened version is that we're working on a large update to the campaigns app to enable us to improve some long standing feature requests for the campaigns app and that includes introducing a public API. At the moment we're focused on introducing a scalable architecture for the backend which will enable us to go well beyond the limited set of assets you can associate with a campaign today. This also means that when we introduce an API it'd be able to do a lot more than just read data for the assets inside of HubSpot, but also enable you to add your own content to a campaign (like in the example linked above).


We have a bit of work ahead of us to really nail the new campaigns architecture to make it as scalable and flexible as we have in mind, but rest assured that once we're happy with how things are looking on the inside we'll be opening up a whole host of new public APIs to go with it. 


In the meantime any and all feedback around what you'd like to see from these APIs and the campaigns app overall is hugely appreciated. Feel free to think outside of the confines of the current app, anything you wish the app could do that it doesn't current? How would that manifest as an API? What systems would you pull data into, or push into HubSpot? Really looking forward to your feedback! 

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+1, we would like to have access to the campaign/ads performance available under over an API andpoint.


This is a very very important feature. since performance marketing plays an important role in marketing, we need to analyze paid marketing data.


This would be so helpful. Are there any updates on timeline for this to be rolled out?





I am really disappointed by not having a full API for HubSpot. We are a relatively new customer and it might be our fault to not check on the completeness of the API.

I also need to highlight, that the question was asked 5 years ago and the last reply from hubspot is from 2 years ago.

Perhaps you (HubSpot) can start by implementing a read only API which provides access to the basic properties like ID and Name. This would be a start.

We have 2022 and the "API first" approach is widely accepted since several years.


Please give us an estimate when we can expect a realease of this API.


Sorry for my harsh words but I have to tell my team now that they can't see the name of the originating campaigns for their leads.  


@Shay - update please?




I am trying to get all the campaigns that are visible on the page via the Hubspot API:<account ID>/campaigns/views/all

or<account ID>/campaigns












But currently there is still no specific Campaigns API. 

Please implement it!


@JennyMueller - could the community get an update on this request? Thanks in advanced!


Would really love this feature for campaign-level attribution reporting. 


It would be so valuable to be able to see pull contact level interactions with a campaign via API. Campaign effectiveness reporting is so limited in HS. This is such a challenge for my team.