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Complete Hubspot Campaigns API

Hi all,
Is HubSpot planning to provide an API for the campaign objects?
It does not seem possible to fetch the campaign and it’s related data with the API.

There's this:
But this only enable to fetch some campaign attributes linked to an email.

We would like to sync campaign itself to another environment.
Alternatively, making such a campaign from remote sources would also be cool.

Another idea: If I could fetch the campaign header, the start and end date, the budget, the persona’s, then I could extract that to other systems that might use it for marketing resource management purposes (i.e. to make marketing plans, marketing budgets, … and to report on this)

Any idea if a ‘real’ campaign API is on the Hubspot roadmap?

Thanks for insights :slight_smile:



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This would be great.


Would be much easier to review campaigns on a larger scale by pulling the data from an API into excel or sheets then what HubSpot allows in the platform.


I agree with this idea. My current usecase requires displaying the Campaign's display-name which is currently impossible to get via the public API.


It seems like it would be very similar to the internal API 


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Please! I need this!


I currently export 'Influenced contacts' from the campaigns report into an excel, and then upload the list with a campaign name against a custom property called 'Influencing campaigns', as a multi-select,  so the data doesn't override any existing data. 


This is time-consuming but seems to be the only way I can export campaign data in bulk so that the property can be synced with Salesforce to show our sales teams which campaigns our contacts are engaging with. 


Surely Hubspot can do this for me, and capture this data automatically under a Husbpot property that takes the data from the report. It would just involve creating default properties for the data you are already collecting. I am unsure why this has not already been done. 


It makes the whole campaigns report nearly useless if the data can't be shared effectively or used to report on as a total, or stored against a contacts record. Please look into this, it will make your tool very useful.





+1 for this @Kristen 

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Hi everyone, I have some updates to share here. I've posted a few updates on a bunch of other ideas related to Campaigns, for example: The shortened version is that we're working on a large update to the campaigns app to enable us to improve some long standing feature requests for the campaigns app and that includes introducing a public API. At the moment we're focused on introducing a scalable architecture for the backend which will enable us to go well beyond the limited set of assets you can associate with a campaign today. This also means that when we introduce an API it'd be able to do a lot more than just read data for the assets inside of HubSpot, but also enable you to add your own content to a campaign (like in the example linked above).


We have a bit of work ahead of us to really nail the new campaigns architecture to make it as scalable and flexible as we have in mind, but rest assured that once we're happy with how things are looking on the inside we'll be opening up a whole host of new public APIs to go with it. 


In the meantime any and all feedback around what you'd like to see from these APIs and the campaigns app overall is hugely appreciated. Feel free to think outside of the confines of the current app, anything you wish the app could do that it doesn't current? How would that manifest as an API? What systems would you pull data into, or push into HubSpot? Really looking forward to your feedback! 


Hi @Shay ,

I've submitted an idea on campaigns (here is the link) but was thinking over the weekend that I could build what my customer expects using API. The goal is simple - my customer in addition to all their online activities runs offline marketing as well. They want to have the ROI calculated for all the channels. Right now the ads costs are available only for online campaigns like Facebook or Google Ads but would be great to have ads costs for other channels. 



Just need a simle ID / name mapping - how difficult is that?

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer! Would be useful not just to report on campaign data in-app, but also use API to get this data for reporting in external platforms (e.g. Tableu)

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Hi @Shay and colleagues.


Totally agree, Campaings API is needed. 


Our customers need both get and post data from/to Campaign object to track online-offline campaigns performance and report in HubSpot and/or third party reporting tools.


Please, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,



+1, We are looking for this API for campaign information.


I simply need to get the name of the marketing campaigns that are stored in GUID form in the company properties of hs_analytics_last_touch_converting_campaign and hs_analytics_first_touch_converting_campaign so that I can copy these marketing campaign names to a contact property.


We want to track which contacts are responding to which campaigns.


Hi @Shay!


Any update on the status of making campaign info available via API?  We're exploring an integration with HubSpot that would use this data, but we need to know if it's even accessible.


Please advise.




"I simply need to get the name of the marketing campaigns that are stored in GUID form in the company properties of hs_analytics_last_touch_converting_campaign and hs_analytics_first_touch_converting_campaign so that I can copy these marketing campaign names to a contact property.


We want to track which contacts are responding to which campaigns."


Do we have an ETA on this, any new information?
If this is around the corner, I don't have to go down a rabbit hole trying to get a workaround for this long standing issue.
I can do with a mapping, pulling campaign name if I supply the campaign ID (like many others in this thread) 



This would be very important to have. it really just needs a property which gets delivered in the campaign object to match the id's to the names of the campaigns. this should be standrad. We dont understand why HS is creating crazy payment implementations without even having a true campaign object API in place..   a bit of a disappointment honestly 😕    And also no response according the ETA question of "JHerman9"


+1, We have been looking for this campaign information.  In particular,  Start and End date please!

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Now that we have custom behavioral events and more complex attribution models going on, this feature becomes more important.