Complete Hubspot Campaigns API

Hi all,
Is HubSpot planning to provide an API for the campaign objects?
It does not seem possible to fetch the campaign and it’s related data with the API.

There's this:
But this only enable to fetch some campaign attributes linked to an email.

We would like to sync campaign itself to another environment.
Alternatively, making such a campaign from remote sources would also be cool.

Another idea: If I could fetch the campaign header, the start and end date, the budget, the persona’s, then I could extract that to other systems that might use it for marketing resource management purposes (i.e. to make marketing plans, marketing budgets, … and to report on this)

Any idea if a ‘real’ campaign API is on the Hubspot roadmap?

Thanks for insights :slight_smile:



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This would be great.


Would be much easier to review campaigns on a larger scale by pulling the data from an API into excel or sheets then what HubSpot allows in the platform.

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I agree with this idea. My current usecase requires displaying the Campaign's display-name which is currently impossible to get via the public API.


It seems like it would be very similar to the internal API 


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Please! I need this!