Comparison of properties as enrollment condition on lists/workflows

Allow a new condition in lists/workflows that compares different properties. One example it can help with is to automatically find who is the primary contact for a company.


You could do it in a workflow like this:

IF Contact Email is equal to Company Email 

THEN set contact property Primary Contact to YES.


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Definitely needed! 


If Company Property X does not equal Contact Property X then copy Company Property X to Contact Property X. 


Can be very frustrating changing contact and company account type from prospect to customer and then trying to create a list and realising that the contact record hasn't changed to customer. 

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+1 Seems like this should be a basic workflow and list filter option. please ?

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We found a temp solution to this... though it's a hubspot pro and above solution.


1. Create a calculated property with the formula of "1 / 1" with an "Additional Condition" on it.

2. The Additional Condition feature let's us COMPARE TWO PROPERTIES. You can use ==, >=, <=, >, and < , which should cover the bases. Basically, the additional condition will ONLY populate the property using the formula if the condition evaluates to true. In this case the formula is 1/1, so if the condition is true the calculated property is equal to 1 - if it's not true then it's set to Unknown.
3. Drop this property into a IF in a workflow and go from the there.


There are limitations...
1. Cannot compare properties on different objects. A work-around here is you could copy a property value from a contact to a mirroed property in a deal in the workflow, then compare using the calculated property.

2. The list of properties that are availabl in the Additonal Conditions field selectors is restricted in some way... not all properties show up there... ???




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Thank you for this idea.  I appreciate your response.

I used another work around this time just comparing dates...

But will keep this in mind, I am sure it will be useful in the future.



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@Herschel Oh yeah - that's a limitation - can't compare date fields in the calculated fields. 

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Hi there!

We need something similar. Company name should be equal to company name out from a form. Would be great to have a possibility to compare that both company names are the same.

Attached picture in german: 


Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager for our Automation products here at HubSpot. Thanks for all of your feedback on this thread.


While we don't currently have anything planned here, we are going to be reviewing this idea. We will update this thread as we learn more.




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I would really like to see this ability also. Comparing two fields would improve efficiency and increase data validity. 

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+1 from me.

I've recently run into the need to compare reference numbers between contact and deal records. If contact.reference_number matches deal.reference_number, enrol in workflow.

This would help us handle a situation where document signed information can only come into a contact record first, we'd then need a workflow to push this information into the correct deal record.

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In your case you could try this...

Via workflow, Get both ref #'s onto the same object. Create a calculated field that substracts them from each other.

If the calc field = 0 then they match

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Need this!!!

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Addition: Especially needed for custom deal amounts. We calculate our deal amount based on a few variables. If the variable fees are higher than our minimum fee, we start charging more. To represent this in HubSpot, we need to compare two properties. Currently, the HubSpot amount is useless. We can just compare to a fixed amount which doesn't help us.

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Need this as well!

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This is absolutely necessary. We need to compare two fields to trigger a workflow.

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This would be a great feature to have more logic into filters and triggers, espcially the ability to compare values.  

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Just to agree with everyone here that some additional comparison logic would be great: being able to sort and establish parent/child relationships through automation would be amazing.

Right now I'm trying to sort through and establish parent/child relationships for a few thousand company records - we have two ID fields, a Parent ID and an Institution ID - would be really great to be able to do a "If Parent ID = Institution ID, set as Parent company" Else "If Parent ID =/= Institution ID, get match and assign as Child".

We work with school districts that house several individual schools and sell at both levels, so the Parent/Child heirarchy is really important for associating contacts, especially if organizations share the same domain name (ex. tries to associate to the first company with, but there are over 200 schools in Dallas ISD, all using the same domain).

With some additional logic tools in workflows, we could really create a lot of our own workarounds and take some of the individual burden off of HubSpot devs.


That would be so useful!

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My team certainly needs this!  Exporting data to create reports outside of hubspot is time consuming & not always accurate 

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@Wholesale-Solar, good idea. However our reference numbers are alphanumeric!


If we could use * wild cards within filters and have calculated fields look at non-numbered fields, we'd be sorted 🙂