Comparing emails by time from release

My weekly emails are read mostly within the first 24 hours and almost exclusively within the first week. After that, it may simply be folks who are using the email as their bookmark for certain links.


But the email performance tools always compare the emails in a campaign over total cumulative time. So it's not a true picture of how they performed out of the gate. I want to be able to see that email A outperformed email B in that initial time period of its own lifecycle...not how an email from February has BY NOW "outperformed" the one that released last week (since I know most of those inflated numbers are repeat readers).


I'd like to be able to compare all emails 24 hours after they send and then again 1 week after they send. I'd like to see this not only in the Email performance point graph in the old tool (I love this and it isn't in the new tool...pooh!) as well as the mass listing of emails and Top performing emails report in the new tool.

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Forgot to include I wish the Top emails could be filtered by campaign as the comparison would be truer within a given campaign...i.e. emails within my Christmas campaign for church choir musicals ARE going to outperform an email on anything else from us. So I'd like to see WHICH emails on the Christmas campaign work better in comparison to each other rather than to other campaigns.