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Compare Properties in Workflow To Trigger Behaviour

I was trying to compare contact owner to company owner and trigger an alert if these properties were different so that there are no overlapping among our sales reps. However it seems this isn't possible. I looked but haven't seen a similar questions, I'm quite surprised as it seems that this would be a rather simple requirement that could prevent a lot of conflicts.


Any ideas if there are workarounds to achieve this behaviour? 



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Been looking at implementing similar stuff also including for ticket / deal owners, didn't find a workaround either. Definitely interested if someone thinks of something !


Many times a comparison of Contact properties and Company properties would be a usefull tool when creating a Workflow.

As workaround actually I need to create an additional Contact property copying the Company property in order to compare two properties on the Contact level.

Just additional work for users.

Would highly appreciate a solution for this issue.


Also for workflows adapting a property value on the basis of a comparison.

E.g. I wanted to compare amount of users of a app with the number of employees (Hubspot featured property). Sometimes they got more users than employees (which is impossible), so we need to update the number of employees to the level of users.

You might want to support the most voted case that is similar:
But also


Definitely interested too!