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Company to Company Associations

I know you can set up contact associations with companies, but can you set up company to company associations. Not Parent/Child associations eg. Company A would be the parent company to Company B as their owner and Company C would be an associate company to Company B as their software supplier.

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Hi @VDavison ,


You can use custom association labels to set up specific Company -> Company associations. More information can be found in this Knowledge Base article:


Hope this helps!




Hi Ryan,


The problem as it is today is that the only associations available today are contact to company, deal to company, etc. We can't have an association company to company!

My sales team keep associating clients of a company as a child company, which is the wrong thing to do, but there isn't any option yet.

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@jsto there is currently a beta for associating objects of the same type. I'd check with your CSM to get access!


@rdurling thanks, I searched for it but couldn't find it, turns out it's a private beta and you need to request access 🙂 



Hey @VDavison,

Have you heard of Associ8? It automates associations for you. I'm bringing this up because it updated to reflect HubSpot's new Same Object Associations feature.
There's some documentation going over how it works here if you'd like to take a look! And let me know if you have any questions!
-David Staat