Company records association


Hello !

Pleeeease, pay attention to the following I will try to describe as good as possible.


In our company we use MS Outlook and O365 for e-mails, calendar and Teams meetings.

We also use Tickets created by our customers using a team e-mail ( When replying from within Hubspot (Conversations, or Tickets) the answer sent by our team members is not visible to Outlook emails as the mailbox is not (and cannot be) synchronized with Hubspot.

In this case, we have to include in the CC our own company's mailbox or other team members' emails, to let everyone see (in Outlook) that someone replied. [This is not often easy or straightthrough to be done from within Husbpot.]


As an example,

an answer to a clients' incoming mail would like this:






This allows us to see in Outlook that someone actually replied to the incoming client email/Ticket.



When entering in an outgoing email our own domain's email accounts, Hubspot creates records (in Contacts and Companies) and associates our own records with the customer's Ticket.

That's a bug 🙂

I have made contact with Hubspot support and are aware of the problem.


Hopefully, you guys will find a solution that works around this!


Thank you so much for your attention!