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Company overview of Messages Chat

We would really like an overview page of the chats currently and previously taking place on our website through the Hubspot Messages beta. In the event an employee steps into a meeting forgetting to go offline, it would be great for all available chatters to have the ability to see a chat and step in to respond to it. In order for this to be the most productive, it would be ideal for it to do the following:

  • Allow anyone online to respond to a chat if the team member is not available to answer
  • Allow a chat to be passed on to a different team member
  • Notify every online team member that a chat has begun
  • Allow management to see current and past chats for evaluation
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This is a very important feature that almost all chat programs have so we'd love to have this implmented for HubSpot Messages

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We need the ability for everyone to see ALL chats, current and past for a few reasons;


1. Transparency. Eveyone is one the same page with who was followed up and what was said (For no he said she said)

2. Quality control. Mangagers need to monitor their team and how chat's are being dealt with.

3. Accountability. Between clients, customers, leads and the team. See who dealt with what and when.



I'd say it's a pretty urgent feature as most if not all other dedicated chat programs have this functionality


Thanks Guys


I would agree with this completely. I would also add that we need the option for more than one person to be forwarded the messages that come in while offline so that whoever gets to it first can answer.


It would be great if multiple operators could get involved in the same chat, and chats could be transferred between operators. Sales managers should be able to see all chats. Rather than auto assigning an operator it would be better for all operators to be notified and then everyone can see who has picked it up.


It would be great to be able to view the message / chat history between all sales agents and chat participants. There is not way right now to view the history for other agents.

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I agree with all the above.  Without being able to see all the chats, conversations can come to an end just because an employee is away from their desk, out sick, etc.


I agree to all of the above.  We need to have a way, as an administrator, to monitor the chats, make sure people are saying things correctly (not getting the company into an akward situation), using messages for training and building new templates (possibly with the "snippets" function),....etc.


Very important idea.

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Agree that this is a need-to-have.  Let us know if you want our team to Beta anything


Not having these features is a dealbreaker for my company at the moment. The free chat platform that we're currently using has these features so it is really unfortunate that Hubspot Messages does not. 


Here are some notes from the huge headache I dealt with today after testing Hubspot Messages:

  • Must Have Sales Pro To Set Message Settings - I can't express how annoying this was. I had to work with a member of our sales team who had sales pro just to set the settings for chat during testing. Then after that became too much of a hassle, I bought Sales Pro for myself just to test this out. There really needs to be a way to set up messages without sales pro for admins who do not need sales pro. 
  • Can't Whisper To Other Reps With Questions - There needs to be a way to "whisper" to an account manager or another rep to ask a question (within the chat) without the person who messaged us seeing it. 
  • Can't Transfer To Another Rep - It's essential to be able to transfer a chat to another available rep if needed. 

These features, along with the features already mentioned in this forum, really need to be added ASAP. 


Would love to see this in place. Countless times already a team member has been quite late to a chat and even missed some because they stepped away from their desk or were called away while forgetting to pop offline. 


Question for HubSpot.  


As you are working through the planning phase...are you also building in a "Proactive" element to this feature?


ZenDesk - for example - has a way that we're able to "see" who is on a given page and proactively "ping them" with a question (e.g. "I see you're looking for a widget.  May I answer any questions for you?")


Hubspot, it's been 6 months since you've changed the status of this to In Planning. In that time you've released a different version of live chat as part of Service Hub which does have these features. Are you planning to role that out to Sales? Any update would significantly increase the likelihood that we continue to pay for Hubspot. 

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This is available in our Conversations beta! Existing Messages users will be given the opportunity to opt into this functionality soon 🙂

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I'm very happy to announce that now all Messages users have access to Conversations. The open Inbox concept solves for most of the requests here, such as with the Unassigned filter and reassignment drop down, as well as new options to personal user notifications to be alerted when chats come in Unassigned, etc. to allow for better collaboration. If there is anything else specifically you'd like to see that wasn't addressed in these changes, please check out the other ideas or file a new post about that separate feature request so we can guage interest. Thanks all!