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Company fields in forms

My company consults with other companies on a B2B basis for training their staff, we build a company profile and an organisational needs analysis (ONA) for those companies to identify their training needs.


What I find strange is that we can only create forms with contact property fields and not company fields (Deal fields too). A contact record does not need a "Total company wage bill" property for example, but I'm forced to create one in order to copy the property over to the company record using a workflow. See:


I'd like the ability to add company fields into a form, to bypass the need to create unnecessary workflows and contact properties. I could see a use for deal fields too as a way to collect order information


(I'd be surprised if I was the first person to suggest this idea, but I couldn't find any related posts around the subject. Let me know if this is a duplicate)

EDIT: Deals and other objects should really be involved in here as well, with the Custom Objects beta coming into play, this is worth discussing too!


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Hey folks!


I'm happy to report that this feature is now Delivered!


You can add company property form fields using this method:


More info on using Deal properties on forms can be found here:




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Excellent news. Thank you. This is a really useful feature.


I don't seem to have access to this feature.
Only the contacts are proposed to me in Object type.

Is there anything more to do?


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I'm in the same situation as @Dev_asyblue I can only select 'Contact' from that list. I need to add Company feilds.

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Hi folks,


I'd like to apologize. It seems like we got our wires crossed, and I believed this Idea to be Delivered when in reality it is In Beta. This is why some of you haven't been able to access the feature.


To confirm, this Idea is still In Beta. If you'd like to gain access, please contact your HubSpot point of contact or HubSpot Support.


Apologies for any confusion,



Hi Everyone,


I am very excited to inform that support for company properties in Forms is live now. 


Few Notable callouts:

  • Support for company properties in Forms does not currently extend to pop- up forms
  • Company properties are not supported as Progressive Fields but do support Dependent Fields


Sabari Ram

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Hey Hi Hello!


I love that this was realeased recently, however, I was told by support (and I can confirm) that you still cannot add custom company properties to forms. 


I'm not sure this solves a bulk of the things folks were trying to achieve on this thread. Or I am just special? 





@Willirob Hey, I created a form yesterday using company properties and I'm pretty sure I was able to use custom ones. I was even able to create a new custom company property from the form. 


Hi everyone. I have set up a Hubspot form for our sales team to fill in, and I have linked a number of the properties. I'm trying to work out how to get the answers from their form to automatically populate the properties against the company they are filling in the form about. Can someone please help?