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My company consults with other companies on a B2B basis for training their staff, we build a company profile and an organisational needs analysis (ONA) for those companies to identify their training needs.


What I find strange is that we can only create forms with contact property fields and not company fields (Deal fields too). A contact record does not need a "Total company wage bill" property for example, but I'm forced to create one in order to copy the property over to the company record using a workflow. See:


I'd like the ability to add company fields into a form, to bypass the need to create unnecessary workflows and contact properties. I could see a use for deal fields too as a way to collect order information


(I'd be surprised if I was the first person to suggest this idea, but I couldn't find any related posts around the subject. Let me know if this is a duplicate)


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I need this too! I want to be able to collect deal specific information via a Form and have it populate  Deal Properties. Since my customers have multiple deals at one time, each with different values, I can't do this from the Contact Properties.

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This is yet another OBVIOUS feature that Hubspot continues to overlook. Hubspot is supposed to automate things and make them simpler but I can't help thinking that I spend more time constantly trying to build workarounds to complete what would be very quick and straightforward tasks if HS was listening to its community and building the obvious features that we all need.

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Same issue. How is this not a feature in HS? I have over 20 fields in a form that belong on a Company record and my only option is to create a ton of workflows? No thank you. 

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I agree with everyones comments - forms need to be for more than just contacts. This is a lot of extra work. This means I am creating Properties that do not belong to a Contact just so I can make a form that can capture the data we need, then creating workflows that are also not needed to propogate the information around. This should be easy.


Também preciso desta opção, além da agilidade no registro não polui tanto o ambiente com a criação de tantos fluxos de trabalho. 

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How is this still not created?? I'm hitting such points of frustration right now.