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Company-based lists: filter by list memberships

When creating company-based lists, it would be extremely helpful to be able to use previous company-based lists as a filter.


For contacts, we can do this by using filter type "List memberships" and filter by "contact is member of list" or "contact is not member of list".

Similar would be useful for companies: "company is member of list" or "company is not member of list".

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Absolutely. It would be great to be able to compare company lists in this way!


It would also be great to be able to filter based on company lists for company workflow enrollment and company workflow suppression. It's curious that hardly any of the features available to contact lists have been carried over to company lists. 

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Also, cross object lists. ie Contacts who are attached to companies in this company list.


Was very suprised when I wasn't able to do this. Hope it is implemented. 

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Hi all,


Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm Andres, a Product Manager at HubSpot. This feature should be available to all customers. When creating a Company list, you can select "List Membership" and then see a list of all other Company Lists. 



I'm curious if potentially you were referring to having the ability to see Company Lists inside of Contact Lists or e-mail Company Lists? Similar to the idea here:


Thank you!

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Yes, it seems we are now able to do just this 🙂

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