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Company and contact info mandatory to create a DEAL



I am just starting with Deals and I have an issue regarding the mandatory properties to create a deal. 


When Creating a Deal, I want my team to put the Company and the contact associated with the deal. Both information are Mandatory to create a Deal. Today this is not possible.


It seems like a no brainer to ensure team are never missing basic information in a deal.


Thank you

HubSpot Updates
December 19, 2022 12:29 PM

Hello everyone - an update that this feature is now out to 100% of portals (Starter and above). Please note that it's not reflected in the mobile experience yet - but we are prioritizing that for 2023. Thank you so much for the consistent feedback, and please continue to post feedback on any improvements you'd like to see to future iterations of this functionality.


Edit: Details on how this feature works can be found in this KB article.

In Beta
December 05, 2022 03:33 PM

Hi all! An update for you - We are currently in private beta for a feature that will allow you to set associations as visible or required when a standard object record is created. This would include the ability to require users to associate a company or contact when a new Deal is created. 


Your CSM can request access to this beta on your behalf. We plan to move this feature to public beta in the near feature based on usage and customer feedback, at which point customers will be able to opt in themselves. Thank you all for your feedback!!


In Planning
November 10, 2022 01:41 PM

 Hi everyone - I'm Rachel from the CRM Product team. We are currently working on a feature that will allow you to set associations as visible or required when a standard object record is created. This would include the ability to require users to associate a company or contact when a new Deal is created.  


Thank you for your input thus far, every comment helps our team prioritize this work. I will post again once I have more updates.



Being Reviewed
October 28, 2021 03:12 PM

Hi All, 


I'm happy to update that our product team is currently exploring how to solve the problem of setting associated records to deals mandatory in deal creation in HubSpot. In the meantime, please continue to leave your comments and use cases here in this thread

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Yes! include the option to make it mandatory to associate deals with either a contact or company when creating a new deal. 


We're a growing company and now in 3 countries and I'm in my early stages of transferring the organization to use HubSpot and love it but I keep running into all these missing basic bits and pieces and having to build workarounds. Until reading this post I could not figure out why a decade old CRM provider has not solved some of these basic issues long ago but perhaps it makes sense if there is more of a focus on serving e-commerce. 


These basic missing things appear scattered around the ideas board, but have anyone consolidated a need-to-have list to be voted on? I'm thinking it will give a clearer overview of what users want. Apart from mandatory contact association in deals, I have recently run into: 

- lack custom deals score cards

- lack of custom sales goals

- lack of closing rate calculation

- lack of dashboard/reports in mobile app

- lack of filtering or views on mobile

- lack of backdated create date for bulk upload of contacts

- no custom lead scoring


And I will likely be able to mention many more as I roll out to my team + we have Xero and Azure integration coming up...




Adding my voice here as well. This is so crucial to ensuring operational workflows trigger correctly!




So I've just been on chat with support about this exact issue. I to am considering swithcing CRM's based on this exact painpoint in your system at the moment. 


I've heard it hasn't progressed based on a creation loop that proves confusing for many of your customers. 


Has anyone considered feature flagging this so that a Super Admin can decided whether it is or isn't valuable for their business operations? 


I hope this is something you do swiftly as I agree with many of the sentiments seen on this thread.


We are desperate for this. We tried to set up a workflow to trigger an email to the deal owner when a company or contact wasn't added to get them to add them but these aren't properties that can be pulled into a workflow.


Lucinda - this should be possible. We have a workflow that creates a task for the sales person to assign the company/contact if it is missing within x minutes of the deal being created. We'd much rather than this core functionality than the task but it helps in some cases. 


@Ocadman can you share a screenshot of that workflow for the community?




@sixsteps  just checking we only do this for contacts, not companies.  I will see if I can export it but it is done on the 'Number of contacts' property on the deal being less than 1. We wait one hour after the deal was created to ensure the sales person has time to do it in their own order and then raise a task and send an internal email notification. 


We created the workflow to create a task, however what it doesn't prevent is Sales Reps simply checking that task as complete when it is not. So still begs the issues of data governance within a business using this CRM system. 


Hubspot - I sincerely hope you consider feature flagging this functionality as it is a pain point for many businesses. 




@Ocadman having a company assigned is more important for us than a contact. @sixsteps we set up a new property on the Deal which populated with company name from the associated company record - so the workflow was to set up a task if this new company name property on the deal was empty but we didn't do the time delay so it was triggering emails too soon before that workflow had run through. Will try the time delay to see if that helps! 


Absolutely needed. Shouldn't really be a "creation loop" anyone gets stuck in. No associated record exist, then create the associated record, and then create the deal. Basic CRM stuff


Why is this not a feature yet? Asked 5 years ago and has 5 pages of comments, it's definitely a needed feature. You guys are overestimating sales guys abilities to do things right. What can we do to get this added? I'll petition the **bleep** out of people


This is indeed something that would add a great value to many. 

In our company we try to automize as much as possible. With integrations working across various systems, it would be a tremendous help to ensure which properties gets registered before a deal is made. 


We 100% need to be able to require the association of contact/company to a deal to ensure data integrity.  we're also working on building out a quote builder with HS and need to have a person and a company included - which is coming from the deal.  


I have a similar request. I don't want to impede our salespeople's creation of a deal, so instead I'd like to require a Company association when moving a deal to a Won stage. I've tried to set this up in Hubspot's settings and I've also be content with an workflow that just notifies certain staff when an association isn't made.


Just wanted to jump in and see if this had been moved into development yet? OR if there is a work around.


I agree with @GLR it seems like an obvious thing to have company and contact as required fields when creating a deal, why would that information be left out of a deal card? seems a little odd that you would have occassion to create a deal without that info. In fact its something we absolutely need our sales guys to be doing, without it there is a lot of cross checking at a higher level that needs to take place.


If its going to cause a bunch of hinky stuff to go on... whats the work around till you figure it all out? 


This feature is absolutely "must to have".. Struggling big time to ensure hiegene in CRM.  People bunging deals withour company and cotact details leading to huge challenge in even managing customer database for inboud marketing activities.. please update if this could ever be possible ??


Has anyone figured out a way to Workflow tasks or internal emails when a Company isn't associated with a deal? I can do it for Contacts by enrolling deals if "Number of contacts" is equal to 0 but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it for companies so far. Everything involved with this issue is incredibly annoying.


@McGhee You would think there'd be a simple way to do this, but the best work-around I've been able to come up involves a custom Deal property for Company; a Company-based workflow; and a Deal-based workflow: 


1) Create a Custom Deal property called "Company".


2) Create a Company-Based Workflow that copies the Company Name to the custom Deal property "Company."  (Trigger: Associated Deals is Known -- this allows for renrollment of the company since it should be triggered whenever that number changes--; AND at least one associated Deal has "Company" unknown. Action: Copy company property name to deal property Company.)

Copy Company Name to Deal.JPG



3) Create a Deal-based Workflow that checks if the custom Deal property "Company" is unknown. I recommend a 1 hour wait time to give your reps a chance to add the company on their own before getting a Task. Be sure to include the Unenrollment criteria to unenroll the Deal if Company becomes known. After the 1 hour wait, a Task is assigned to the Deal owner. 

No associated company.JPG


Hope that helps. 


Also ccing @sixsteps @Ocadman @Lucinda who were discussing similar solutions and may have discovered other workarounds. 


@amandafann Thank you so much!


We also need this to move everything better at our organization.