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Company and contact info mandatory to create a DEAL



I am just starting with Deals and I have an issue regarding the mandatory properties to create a deal. 


When Creating a Deal, I want my team to put the Company and the contact associated with the deal. Both information are Mandatory to create a Deal. Today this is not possible.


It seems like a no brainer to ensure team are never missing basic information in a deal.


Thank you

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Great Idea!  Would love to see this happen! 


In our case we would not necessarily need it when creating a deal, but at a certain stage of the deal pipeline our sales team should have completed all the associations (company, contact, line items, quote). This is really important for us from a compliance point of view. So would be good to have a check when moving the deal to a certain stage, like you can do with properties right now, without creating all kind of work-arounds using custom fields. 


Es realmente necesario tener esa asociacion como obligatoria


Any idea when this will come in place - I'd like to be able to make Company and Contacts as a mandatory Field when creating a new Deal. It would help not just sales but marketing as well. 


This is causing issues for our organization. We just moved from Salesforce to HubSpot and I'm simply in shock that such a request can't be implemented. There are dozens of these threads that have been opened. This is simply the largest thread I've come across. 

This was first raised in 2017, give us the option to simply check a box that makes these two areas a reuqired field in order to "save" a new deal. 

Is this on the dev teams radar, or has it simply not been deemed important enough? Would rather know either way as we evaluate the continuation of HubSpot as I have a running list of "can't do's" forming.

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Hello, this is very important for some business. It would be import to release this feature.


This would be extremely helpful for us.


No brainer on this request.


This has had many people requesting it over multiple years. I see these kinds of elementary feature requests that just get ignored by HubSpot. This is a mature platform that just misses in so many ways.


HubSpot, please stop ignoring these small but critical items.

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Hello there, I am wondering how this is not actually a feature already. Companies should have the possibility to choose what information is required when creating a new record within their CRM. 


Very happy to see that associations can be made mandatory on custom objects. Could this be implemented for the other records too? 


I tried working this around via a custom property + workflow, and having the custom property as a required field within the deal pipeline. But unfortunately, the associated contact (not company) was the only available trigger from deal properties. Number of associated companies should definitely be a trigger for deal-based workflows too. 




Looking at the most recent update from HS, I think the Hubspot team can at least consider standard object association if the reason for the hiccup is situated only when an "object' does not exist. The scenario presented initially is when a Deal record is created, and NOT having the option to make the properties, "Company" and "Contact' to be required during creation. We are on the same exact spot here. The "Company" and "Contact" objects are both standard objects which therefore exists in HS even from the time we signed up for a paid subscription. 
I hate to say this, but other leading CRM platforms offer this option with a blink of an eye. They also give you the option on which level "Any" field/property will be required (page layout, field level, etc). Perhaps you (Hubspot) would like to revisit this idea and start developing this feature natively. 




YES!!! Company and at least one contact with buying role should be required upon deal create. 


Wish they would add this feature. We are having the same problem where reps are forgetting to add a contact assocation. Atleast come up with a way where the # of assoction field has to be greater then 1 or something. This seems like a topic that has been going on for about 3 years and is constantly being brought up. Please take this more seriously HubSpot. 

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Hi All, 


I'm happy to update that our product team is currently exploring how to solve the problem of setting associated records to deals mandatory in deal creation in HubSpot. In the meantime, please continue to leave your comments and use cases here in this thread


Vital. not being able to do this keeping creating such a mess of our CRM/pipelines everything


Yes, I want to be able to have the contact & company fields required to complete when manually creating a new deal. This should be a no-brainer for sure! 


Agreed we need the ability to require associated company with every deal.


It's a must-have to oblyge users to associate deals with Company & Contact ! Thank you to add the possibility to force this link.


How long does it take to implement this basic and necessary function?


A key thing here would need to be the ability to select which is mandatory by pipline. We have pipelines where deals are associated with companies and other pipelines where the deal is associated with a contact, depending on the type of business being done. 

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Making 'associated company' or allowing a company property (eg. name) required when creating deals would be helpful!